Question about the lettering on glock slides

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Thread: Question about the lettering on glock slides

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    Question about the lettering on glock slides

    I've noticed that some Glocks have the lettering engraved in black on the slides and and on some it is white. I've noticed this even with in the same generation. Anyone know why this is or is it just totally random?
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    I've never noticed but I am curious to find out why.
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    I think it's just a custom thing people do. I've mostly seen it done with white crayon, which seems stupid considering how hot the slide gets.

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    You can do it with white, yellow, or red lacquer.

    Using wax Crayon IS stupid.

    Here is the secret. Fill the lettering with your desired color of lacquer. The lacquer shrinks as it dries so keep adding the lacquer until you fill the lettering.

    Use a small brush - try to keep most of it in the letters BUT, don't worry if you get it on the slide surface surrounding the letters because here is how you remove the excess WITHOUT pulling the color ot of your lettering.

    Tear up sheets of paper. Plain newsprint works but, you can also use regular typing paper or printer paper.

    Dampen a torn square of paper with lacquer thinner and QUICKLY shake the excess thinner off the paper.

    Use THAT paper instead of a rag or cloth to remove the excess lacquer from your slide.

    Repeat - Repeat - Repeat
    - with squares of paper until all of the excess lacquer is removed from the slide surface.

    The paper does not have fibers that pull the color back out of the lettering recesses like cloth will.

    If you use a cloth it will make a smeared up mess because it will always be pulling color out of the lettering as you attempt to wipe off the excess.

    The paper that is wet with thinner will eventually clean the slide surface up PERFECTLY and will leave the color in the lettering looking flawless.

    Try it.

    You can't mess up. If you decide that you don't like it then scrub it all out with a toothbrush and lacquer thinner.

    And you're back to your original slide.

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    some use nail polish to get the affect

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