Hi Gents,

For those who suggested it, I cannot be in the boy's life. She decided to toss me in favor of another fella and wants to believe I never existed, which is OK, for her. The boy isn't taking it too well (my parents managed to get some time with him). However, his life has been defined by loss and I'm sure that, when he gets old enough, he'll look me up for a visit regardless of what his mother says. After all, he knows almost everything I do about martial arts- we trained for a couple hours each day every day and he only has the throws to learn. He's pretty much the culmination of what I know. We built some good memories with MA and most other things: hunting, fishing, etc.

As for the BB gun, you all reaffirmed my decision. He loves to shoot; however, he still needs that supervision and I'm not sure he's going to get it. As well, if my state defines a BB gun as a firearm, I would be breaking the law because she does not meet my state's definition of a "proper person."

Thanks all,

Josh <><