New scope features?

New scope features?

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Thread: New scope features?

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    New scope features?

    I am looking over new scopes and am a bit confused on the AO feature. Does this feature allow the same scope to be used at say both 50 yards and 700 yards without have to send it back to the factory to have the parallax reset for the different range? Does the newer scope with AO mean that this is fully user adjustable so the scope can be used for both short and long range?

    I'm not up to snuff on modern scopes as my newest scope is a 1970's Redfield.


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    Most scopes have a fixed parallax setting that is exactly correct for shooting at only "one" specific distance. If your scope has a parallax adjustment it can be perfectly adjusted for shooting at any distance, so that your crosshairs will appear to be rock solid, no matter where your eye is positioned. The crosshairs should appear stationary, as if they were painted on your target. This is very important when the "exact" position of your eye is not always concentric with your scope. The slightest variance can make a huge difference. Very few parallax adjustable scopes will be set correctly if you just dial the yardage settings printed on the scope. This may sound incredibly basic to some shooters, but there are a LOT of good shooters out there that could cut their groups by almost 30% if they just knew how to make this scope adjustment properly. If you look around, I guarantee that you'll find shooters with great equipment, that have never gleaned this information from some of the poorly written instructions supplied by scope manufacturers. It's a very good idea to re-label the parallax yardage markings on your scope, so that they are positioned correctly. Some shooters write yardage markings on a piece of white tape and position it on their scope, so that they will be properly located. Others will paint a few dots on their scope representing 50 yard increments - exactly where they should be for each distance. Keep in mind that even if you re-label your scope markings, you may still need to make very slight parallax adjustments to compensate for light, temperature, and humidity changes throughout the day especially at long range.

    I hope this helps, and if I've missed something, there are a lot more knowledgable people here to help so keep reading!

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    Also remember that your scope may or may not actually be at the perfect "focus" when the parallax adjustment is correct. The field of view may actually slightly blurred when the the reticle is most stable. This may be directly related to the quality of the glass. I do not have any high end optics to compare my low to middling stuff with.
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