Flinching or sight adjustment needed?

Flinching or sight adjustment needed?

This is a discussion on Flinching or sight adjustment needed? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was practicing trigger control with my M&P Shield today and I was aiming at the bulls eye but putting my group about two inches ...

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Thread: Flinching or sight adjustment needed?

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    Flinching or sight adjustment needed?

    I was practicing trigger control with my M&P Shield today and I was aiming at the bulls eye but putting my group about two inches to the left in the straight line. I felt my trigger control was pretty good and my sight stayed on the bulls eye. Another shooter noticed and suggested I adjust my rear sight to the right. Do you also suggest this? Visually, the sight looks centered already. Wouldn't I also need to adjust the front sight and I would need a special tool for this, correct?

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    Have someone else try your handgun and see what their results are.
    Years ago I had an instructor try my Beretta 92 and he hit the target dead center while I was left and slightly down. He suggested I move my trigger finger to almost the first joint position and it made all the difference in the world.
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    Before making any sight adjustments, I would fire from a rest.
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    It could be your grip too. I would have someone else shoot it as recommended already. If it does it for them, then drift the rear sight. Do you have any of the right handed / left eye dominate thing going on? If so, that might have something to do with it. One of my Glocks shot to the left for me but not a buddy who is a better shot then me. I had to drift the rear sight for me to shoot straight with it but it works for me now.

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    Yup, let someone else shoot it. Last time I was shooting with my Dad he was way off with his Sig P226. He handed it over to me and I was ripping up the center of the target. It became pretty obvious that what he needed was a better grip and more practice, not a sights adjustment.

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    To me, it sounds like not enough fingertip on the trigger--you are pushing the gun with your trigger finger as you're squeezing (assuming you are a right handed shooter; if you are left handed, then you have too much fingertip on the trigger and you are pulling the gun to the left as you squeeze).

    Spend the money to get with a qualified instructor (or go with a friend who knows what they are talking about) to have them check your grip, trigger pull, stance, etc...the last thing I would do is mess with drifting sights (unless they are aftermarket sights you are installing yourself)
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    When adjusting sights the front sight stays centered,rear sight is moved in the direction you want your group to move.Like others have said make sure it's not the way you shoot before adjusting the sights
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