What is your general protocol for your carry weapon?

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Thread: What is your general protocol for your carry weapon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    Can I use a scantron?
    You need the 882-E-BAG. 882-E-LOVAS will not be graded.

    This happened to me once. Fortunately, going to all of your professor's office hours during the first or second week of classes to introduce yourself makes them like you enough to hand grade things.

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    at least there wasn't a question about shooting lead boolits

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    Carry gun: make/model/caliber
    Varies - Springfield or Kimber 1911 in .45, or Kahr CW9, or Taurus 851 .38, or rarely, a Kel-Tec .32

    1- twice a month minimum, up to weekly
    2- no "range" guns - carry guns get shot
    3- springs are changed "on condition" - i.e., when necessary
    4- guns are wiped down and re-lubed after each use; more thorough cleaning occurs when it looks like they need it
    5- do you clean it every week? heck no, I've got better things to do. Carry guns are looked over before I leave the house.
    6- I don't "worry" about either. I've never had a gun fail me in 30+ years due to lack of maintenance, so I must be doing something right
    7- I rarely unload; I have a few hot guns located here and there. I periodically examine the chambered round for setback
    8- I have a few 1911 mags which are reserved for competition, but most magazines are kept loaded most of the time. It's the cycling that (loading/unloading) that "tires" springs
    9- ran several boxes of each candidate SD round through the gun(s) - have yet to find a JHP that chokes the guns
    10 - gun malfunctions are rare but are usually related to reloads, weak mag springs, or - one time only - a broken extractor. Once the problem is identifies and resolved, there's no need to repeat extensive testing. Run a few mags thru the gun to validate proper performance, and you're done

    House gun
    11 - No differences. All defensive weapons get the same amount of attention.
    12 - Years. A loaded Sig 220, cocked & locked 1911, and a pair of Smith & Wesson revolvers don't need attention if they're simply left alone

    13 - dry fire practice - as often as I can, usually at least weekly
    14 - usually nothing. Dummy ammo tends to migrate into "duty" ammo and vice-versa.
    15 - no dedicated DF area, but - no live ammo in sight or within reach. Never far from a hot gun, though - I just don't mix & match what I'm practicing with and the available defensive piece.
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    These were the same questions my wife asked me before she'd marry me.
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    very interesting....

    but please clue us into a little behind the sceens of your inquiring mind

    however as to #13--i've never dry fired other than as a teaching method
    imake my own and feel that live fire greatly trumps dry fire practice.YMMV
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