Pistol Purpose

Pistol Purpose

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Thread: Pistol Purpose

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    Pistol Purpose

    Hello Forum.

    I need your help. A few days ago I was discussing firearms with a friend when another person, overhearing us, joined the conversation. He said some words to this effect: "I heard you two talking and thought I would share an observation about how gun control advocates view this."

    He continued "They will ask you this: For what PURPOSE was the pistol created?"

    Now, the implication here is that the pistol's use is in and of itself evil somehow, since it was conceived of for the purpose of killing people. By extension, simpleminded reasoning might be extended to the idea that if pistols would go away, then so would crime associated with pistols.

    As you doubtlessly know, however, those communities which disallow firearms to responsible citizens are the very ones with the worst crime (like Chicago). And conversely, those who encourage responsible ownership of firearms (like Kennesaw, GA), have dramatically lower crime rates.

    Now here's where I need the help: I want a ready retort for that question when posed by a liberal, anti-gun whacko.

    Q: For what PURPOSE was the pistol created?

    A: It was created to enable responsible citizens to protect themselves, their loved ones, the ill, the disabled, the mentally challenged, and unarmed liberals from the evil people who would cause harm to any of them, if there was no deterrent.

    Okay, I know there must be a better, simpler, stronger retort that the one I threw in for sake of an example.

    I would be more than grateful to know what you would say to such a person as would ask "For what PURPOSE was the pistol created?"

    Thanks for reading this.
    Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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    Personally I think it was created to launch a projectile at something on the other end of it. That's it.. Now, what people CHOOSE to do with it is entirely different conversation.
    -It is a seriously scary thought that there are subsets of American society that think being intellectual is a BAD thing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hankosaurus View Post
    Q: For what PURPOSE was the pistol created?
    To shoot things that needed shooting.
    I prefer to live dangerously free than safely caged!

    "Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun. And you might meet 'em both if you show up here not welcome son." Josh Thompson "Way Out Here"

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    I don't want to sugar coat it. Guns were invented/made to kill people. We just have to hope that the gun is in a good person's hands.
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    The purpose of a pistol is to shoot stuff.

    Targets and most of all...mean things which could be considered targets.
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    You don't need to know
    The pistol was created to be conveniently carried so as to eliminate the need to carry a more cumbersome rifle.
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    "There is a secret pride in every human heart that revolts at tyranny. You may order and drive an individual, but you cannot make him respect you." William Hazlitt (1778 - 1830)

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    My twist? Pistol was created for close quarters battle. I think it was actually intended to save lives, especially when deployed for home defense. A 45ACP pistol is a lot better in a 3 bedroom house for defense than a 30-30. The reason for pistols should be quite obvious........because there will be a point in time that somebody is going to try and cut your life short, and how threatened can you feel from 100yds away? Close range is the purpose.
    Actually...if you want to get right down to it............I think the pistol was really created for duels back in old England and such.

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    I thought the hand gun was created to allow you to get to your shotgun/rifle.
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    Q: For what PURPOSE was the pistol created?

    A: So that responsible, law abiding people like me can protect liberal, pantywaisted people like you.
    "I'm not IN danger Skyler, I AM the danger!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLGuy View Post
    Q: For what PURPOSE was the pistol created?

    A: So that responsible, law abiding people like me can protect liberal, pantywaisted people like you.
    Q: "I don't have any enemies."

    A: "Because rough men stand ready to do violence on [your] behalf."

    (I can't speak for George Orwell, orginator of the quote, but I intend no slight to women. I know that they're out there for us, too).
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    Americans understood the right of self-preservation as permitting a citizen to repel force by force
    when the intervention of society... may be too late to prevent an injury.
    -Blackstone’s Commentaries 145–146, n. 42 (1803) in District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008)

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    At 76 years of age, if my Wife and I need protection against criminals, younger, and stronger than I.

    As an expert shot, ex Firearm Instructor, I can protect the love of my life, who I have been married to for twenty years. Leave me alone, this white bearded gent will smile, and go on with my life.

    If one or more criminals attack us, I will do my very best to end their attack. Up to, and including, killing them.
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    The pistol was created to be a shorter (e.g., close range) version of the longer musket, which in turn was designed to be an arm which could engage an enemy at a distance further than one could throw a spear or javelin. It is an arm, as were the items it replaced. The real argument is not what it's for, but when are arms properly used. Do not dissemble or mince words in making your case for firearms. The strongest, unassailable argument is always built on truth and facts. Therefore, the true debate becomes, "When is it proper to shoot someone?"

    The liberal viewpoint is that arms are bad and should be banned. This flies in the face of the fact that they serve a legitimate purpose in society and are a necessary tool to control the bad people.

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    My theory about pistol development

    Over the years I have read what I could find about the history of guns, as the subject interests me. I believe the first guns were fairly large and not portable, such as cannons and rifles for use in warfare, dating back to the 1400s or so. After Europeans had first contact with China, where gunpowder was developed, they learned to manufacture gunpowder in Europe and designed guns to go with this new development. According to the Internet, pistols were developed in the 1500s to offer more portability than early rifles, and be feasible to fire one handed, perhaps while riding a horse and holding the reins in the other hand.

    So I would say the main reason for pistol development was to offer a more portable weapon than early rifles.

    In terms of "developed for killing people", I would contend that almost any weapon, whether spear, knife, sword, bow, club or gun, has a primary purpose of attacking or defending against other people or animals. It's a harsh world sometimes, and you have to do this to survive and not be eaten, robbed or killed yourself. I don't attach any stigma to the weapon because killing may be a use of the weapon. When the time comes, any rational person will be glad to have a weapon and know how to use it.
    Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the Peoples' Liberty's Teeth." - George Washington

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    Try something like, " to be carried and concealed upon my person with the intent to put holes in any dumb ass that trys to cause me serious injury thru criminal intent".
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    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight"
    -Jeff Cooper

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    My first thought on this is the gun was made to defeat the sword. Thinking further, seems the pistol was made to protect from bad guys. So I guess my
    answer would be simply. " Because there is evil in the world "

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