Who's flown with 2 guns before?

Who's flown with 2 guns before?

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Thread: Who's flown with 2 guns before?

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    Who's flown with 2 guns before?

    I'm flying to Las Vegas for a several week long training course for my job. I will be taking my normal carry gun, a Kahr CW9 and I will also be taking my recent purchase, a Ruger LCP for pocket carry. This will be my first time flying with 2 guns. I have often flown with one gun in my checked bag but I am wondering if this is different.

    I will be looking up the rules on the TSA site but I am wondering if both guns can be in the same locked hard sided case or not. I'm just not sure what differences having two guns in the bag will change. I also wonder if I will encounter any more attitude than I have experienced from the TSA before.
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    Good luck Mike, I'm in Phoenix this week, went by Gunsite Academy this afternoon and had a personal tour of the facility by the owner, Buzz Mills.
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    Not an issue, was no different than as though I had one in the case. Both times it was taken at my word that they were clear. Worry more about the pat down than the 2nd firearm. As always refresh yourself on the guidelines for the TSA and the airline, and carry applicable copies in your carry-on in the case with the gun, and on your person able to show to the TSA and airline at a moments notice; as the actual applicaiton of the procedure varies between airports and some try to pull a fast one and take your key for inspection without you present, or break procedure in other manners, and knowledge of the subject varies wildly even between employees, it's like OC have that mindset of ready to educate if they err on the side of not knowing, even when they think they do know better.

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    Yes, I've flown with two guns. I couldn't find any regs against it. One gun was an LCP and the other was full-sized but I can't remember what it was. I had both in one case, both were locked back so the slide was open. I opened it up for the guy, he said okay and that was that. I never touched the guns, nor did he, I don't think he's supposed to.

    Don't forget ammo has to be packed in an appropriate container, which IIRC can be a magazine.
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    Done before, and not a problem to have multiple firearms in one case. A few tips:
    - Read the rules themselves: TSA: Traveling with Special Items
    - Check with the airline for other specific restrictions
    - Check the firearms laws for your departure/arrival airports. I traveled via Boston Logan several years ago with long guns with no problem, and later was told that it could have been an issue. The Airport cops didn't give me a second look, but a couple different groups of travelers gave me the leper glance.
    - I've heard that magazines qualify under the "packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition," but my recommendation is that you pack your ammo in the original manufacturer's boxes, inside a small hardsided container. It avoids any confusion with local policy about what qualifies as proper packaging. It also lends credence to them being "normal" rounds, as some airlines have rules about what kind of ammo can be carried. I don't reload, but if I was carrying reloads, I'd put them in manufacturer's boxes also.
    - I always put the mags (unloaded) in either the case with the firearms or the ammo.
    - Make sure you've got real locks - with keys, on your person. You might even carry a spare set of locks just in case.
    - VERY IMPORTANT: Until your firearms are on the conveyor, the first thing you should say to EVERY uniformed person - TSA, cop, airline - you talk to, and ANYONE behind a desk or the TSA luggage screening is, "I have firearms in my checked luggage to declare." There are TSA ninjas out there who are looking for a chance to make headlines and are convinced that an easy way to do that is to catch someone with undeclared firearms.
    - Put your cell phone number on the luggage tag - in big print. Also print your name and cell phone # in huge type (like 72+) on a full-size piece of paper laid across the top of the firearms in the case. If TSA has a problem with the luggage (it breaks open when the Samsonite Gorillas toss it across the tarmac, the lock is broken/cut off, or they need to do a supplemental security check) they are supposed to make a reasonable attempt to find you before they leave it off the airplane - I try to make it as easy as possible for them to make a reasonable attempt.
    - Call the airline baggage desk at your destinations to find where they deliver firearms/special baggage. Beeline there after you disembark. Once had my firearms delayed and when they arrived they called and told me they would be held securely at the luggage counter. When I returned to the airport to pick them up, the case was sitting in front of the unmanned counter. I picked them up and walked to my car without anyone stopping me. I called the airline baggage desk a few minutes later, identified myself, and said "Hey, I'm going to be there in a couple minutes to pick up my guns and wanted to make sure someone was there..." Pretty funny to hear him stammer when he realized they were gone.
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    Done it many times, no biggie - same drill as with one gun. Mine have always been in the same case, FWIW.

    My shooting buddy from back east has also traveled here twice with 2 ARs and 2 handguns packed in the same case, also without incident.
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    Done it before, but prefer to take two bags and divide the guns between them in case one bag is lost. Make sure and get the extra insurance.
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    Two guns, not a problem. Unloaded of course and in a locked container. Just make sure you declare them before the TSA nazis find them. Ammo has to be in appropriate container-this varies from airport to airport. I've had the least problems by keeping the ammo in original boxes.
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    You could always pack one and carry the other. J/K

    I don't ever remember seeing anything that says they have to packed separately, but then again, you're pretty much up to the mercy of the carrier. Don't want to mention it too loudly, but they might make you use 2 bags for the additional baggage fees.
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    We've carried 4 in a bag, some airlines have limits as to how many you can check. I don't think two would be a problem.

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    I'm a cowboy action shooter and sometimes travel to away matches by plane. I have carried as many as four in one pelican case without a problem.. Due to additional matches this time I will be carrying 6(3 long and 3 handguns). I ship my ammo to the match site. I have never had a problem and don't anticipate any this time. Southwest Airlines has always been "gun friendly".

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    When I've flown with two...no different than one...happy trails to you.
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    I've flown with two handguns in a hard case before. I was always pleased with my treatment by any of several carriers when I brought along a handgun. I used to do so fairly frequently but it's been a few years now since I had opportunity as the more recent flights have either been to California or the UK.
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