Kushnapup Now Shipping

Kushnapup Now Shipping

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    Kushnapup Now Shipping

    I just got this e-mail, about 10 minutes ago, from the Kushnapup people stating that they are in stock and now shipping. Here is the e-mail I got from them with a couple pics they added as proof.
    I'm still kind of skeptical but I'm hoping the game is on now because I would really like one of these if it has finally come to fruition.

    Has everyone had enough waiting? Does anyone somehow feel like you’ve been
    experimented on? You weren’t…
    Those of you who may have had a change of address which haven't contacted us in this
    amount of time will have to put in a change of address at your post office. There is no
    need to respond to this message. Should you have any questions before placing an order
    at this time please read through the FAQ section on our website as it already has your
    question answered.
    Just hope you’ve all gotten your Saiga-12 Shotguns by now. We paved right over a
    couple of companies and made a road for the rest of us to travel on, the quick & easy way
    to do a Saiga-12 conversion now! In the amount of time waiting for a pre order to come
    through that wasn’t ever supposed to be revealed to the public, it has been nearly the
    same amount of time that a Saiga gunsmith takes for you to get your Saiga-12 back from
    them.. Now for less than half their price, you can do it yourself in no time at all!
    For $275 an order we are shipping right now! Yes that’s right, WE ARE IN FULL
    SUPPLY and now ship Kushnapup Stocks 6 days a week! Looking for a deal? Get
    yours first before someone else gets the last one before you. RIGHT HERE! MADE IN
    THE USA! 100% 922r complaint, ATF approved! The days of signing over and
    surrendering your firearm for someone else to work on are over. How you use this
    product is up to YOU to decide, whether it be for collection, home defense or just plain
    Ironically during pre order, it was like boot camp, some people just got weak knees
    and fell out. Those of you, a majority standing here with us now who have held strong to
    your orders, this is our true glory! The future is to those who make it. Who would have
    known that something like this required the patenting of a proprietary blend of high
    strength industrial jackhammer plastic resins to sustain the recoil of 3" magnum 12 gauge
    rifled slugs fired in rapid succession.. Hoorah!
    No other product or company offers you what we do! Enjoy your surprise gift
    included, we put in all we had for everyone.. Now under the current circumstances of the
    economy, who else would do this for you? …The answer is NOBODY!!!
    Congratulations everyone who have withstood through the tests of time, you are the
    very best… It is only you who have received this message. Any delay’s have only
    resulted in higher quality. The reason why there were so many nay Sayers along the way
    is because a product like this just doesn’t come around to often. We hope to see you all
    again in the future. And to those who doubted us along the way... TUFF LUCK! WE

    Special thanks to everyone from,

    Kushnapup - Saiga 12 Bullpup conversion

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