I have been on a .22 kick lately, I guess fueled by the increasing high cost of ammo and the fact I just love .22 plinkers in general. A friend gave me an old ATI Dragunov style stock set made for the Marlin Model 60 he had laying around and no longer wanted. So I decided to take it. I played around with this thing a while and decided to do the relatively simple modification to the stock and drop in my Marlin 795 barrel/receiver. The 795 factory stock for those who are not familiar is a lightweight thin polymer Monte Carlo style. This setup has a pistol grip and allows me to install a rail on the bottom of the fore end and install a Magpul AFG2. It took about an hour going slowly with the Dremel to modify the stock to accept the 795 receiver but it work out perfectly and fits snugly and looks like it was made for the rifle. It handles quickly and is very lightweight in this configuration. It should make a great Rimfire 2 gun match rifle. I also installed a combo front sling swivel/bi-pod rail adapter at the front of the stock so I can use a bi-pod if desired since I may scope it at some point. I love an inexpensive "build". This cost me nothing since the stock was free and I already had the other parts in my parts bin.