Rust prevention

Rust prevention

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Thread: Rust prevention

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    Rust prevention

    I'm having some surface rust problems and any input on prevention is appreciated.

    I keep my guns in a small setry fire safe along with 4 large desecant packs. Packs were brand new when I put them in a couple months ago. I keep my XD-40 subcompact, Ruger Mark II and Kimber eclipse target II in there. The XD and Ruger have no problems but the 1911 has surface rust on the outside of the barrel, recoil spring plug and a little on the hammer. It doesn't get used much and the last time I put it in there it was clean and I left it disassembled with a heavy coat of militec oil on every part.

    I know a lot of other people that use militec and they don't have rust problems.

    Any toughts on what I can try to keep this from happening? I have about 100 rounds through the kimber and it annoys me to have rust on it.

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    One prime enemy - moisture!

    Dessicant packs sure should help in the safe - I use a large one with color change feature. Plus too use of a ''Golden Rod'' deal - can help keep internal conditions free of excess moisture.

    Main thing is to have a barrier on corrodable surfaces - and RIG grease, Boeshield, and in fact a good wipe over with a CLP impregnated cloth will do well. Beware the effects of skin contact - some of use seem to have skin secretions worse than others and rust forms real quick - so a wipe over after touch is well useful.

    Some folks I know have used a wipe over with a cloth impregnated with final drive oil - SAE 90 - the thick stuff - which persists well.

    I don't personally rate Militech1 too high for actual rust protection tho for lube it's great.
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    This is some good stuff.

    I've used it on my XD with very good results.
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    Ditto: The Blue Wonder Armadillo wax is great.
    Any pure Carnuba Wax car type paste wax also works very well.
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    I'll give that armadillo wax a try. It would also be nice on my XD. I carry it every day so I don't like the outside of it lathered up in oil.

    thanks for the help.

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    You may also try a de-humidifier rod.
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    Boeshield is some good stuff. We used alot of it in marine applications. Once it dries there is no oil, only a light wax like film.
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    If I Shoot Them...

    I clean them. If they sit in the safe for 3-4 months without being used, they get cleaned again. I've never had a problem with rust.
    Just a Browing safe in an A/C problems...yet (it's been 2 years).

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    Where is the safe? Is it inside a part of the house that is climate controlled, or is it in a nonclimate controlled area like an unfinished basement or garage? If it is climate controlled, do you have central air? What part of the country do you live in? What kind of safe is it? Not the model, just type: i.e. small "locker" like you can buy at Wal-Mart for $100-200 or a $5000 large air tight safe.

    Do not feel that you need to publicly answer these questions but it would help us better understand your situation.

    As already stated you should keep your "safe" in a climate controlled portion of your house and if needed use additional products (like Desiccant packs or de-humidifier rods) inside the safe. The better the safe is at keeping the humidity out (air tight) the less of a problem you will have. In a good safe a dehumidifier rod will last a lot longer than in a cheaper gun "locker".
    Also clean and re-oil guns frequently, as needed for your situation. A good rule would be at least 2-4 times per year or after every range visit, whatever comes first. Get into the habit of cleaning all the guns regularly, regardless of their use.

    I look forward to seeing your answers to the questions. There may be something in your answers that may allow us to give you some better advice. If not, I hope this information is helpful.

    Good luck, Joe
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    I don't mind answering those questions publicly.

    It's a small Sentry fire safe (1.2 cu. ft.) from walmart. It's not air tight. It's located inside my apartment which has central air set to 75 degrees in the summer. I live in western NY state.

    I have four large dessicant packs in there. They are about 4"x4"x3/4" thick and each says "4 units" on it if that means anything to you. I added them to the safe at the first sign of rust. They are about 2 months old and were brand new when I put them in.

    I clean my guns after each range trip and if they sit without use I take them out, field strip and wipe them down with oil about once per month.

    The more I think about it, the more I think militec is the problem. I stopped in to gander mt. today (before I got any replies here) and looked at their products. I took a shot in the dark and bought a bottle of CLP breakfree to try.

    The funny part is that the XD, known for surface rust, doesn't have any problems, only the Kimber.

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    That BlueWonder Armadillo stuff looks pretty good. I may have to break down and try it...

    I've been waxing my guns for years.I'm the kindof guy that rusts everything he touches, sometimes within minutes. Wax is about the only way that I can prevent that.
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