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My First thread how do I properly break in a pistol

This is a discussion on My First thread how do I properly break in a pistol within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; From Kimber manual for full-size 1911: "Before firing the pistol for the first time, Field Strip and clean the firearm following proper procedures.(see DISASSEMBLY, CLEANING ...

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Thread: My First thread how do I properly break in a pistol

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    From Kimber manual for full-size 1911: "Before firing the pistol for the first time, Field Strip and clean the firearm following proper procedures.(see DISASSEMBLY, CLEANING and LUBRICATION and ASSEMBLY Instructions in this Manual) Kimbers firearms are quality custom pieces. Our firearms are hand fitted to tight tolerances. For proper Break-in of the firearm shoot 400-500 rounds of Quality Factory Ball (230g. FMJ) Ammunition, cleaning and lubricating the gun every 100-150 rounds." I recall having experienced quite a few feeding and extraction issues with mine during this stage, but they've been flawless since. So I kind of figured that Kimber knew what they were talking about. They were really very tight out of the box though, so the break-in period may be a reflection of factory tolerances.

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    Have you taken the NRA basic pistol class? You will learn in this class.It covers pistol parts and their function,different actions and how they work,types of ammo shooting fundamentals,firearms safety,and much more. Best advise,educate yourself and get to know and be comfortable with you gun first. You will get some supervised range time in this class as well,and the instructors will help you with all your concerns. Go to the NRA find a course website,check Basic Pistol In 6the left column,type in your zip and a search radius,and a class near you will appear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mascariot View Post
    well it depends on what you are trying to accomplish by "breaking it in".... you really don't have to do should go bang when you load it right out of the box.
    Dude you are talking about a GLOCK pistol...oh wait you did just list one "bang", GLOCKS achieve continuous bangs right out of the box.

    Best of luck and congrats OP on the new pistol. You are on the right track, if you take care of it it wll take care of you. Like others have said shoot at least a few hundred rounds of inexpensive FMJ ball ammo from all of the magazines and then switch to your chosen SD round and run several magazines worth through the pistol. Those Rugers look nice, someday I may get one.
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    shoot it !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Chaug09 View Post
    Fixing to buy my first 1911. It's the ruger sr1911. Want to use the hornady critical defense ammo to carry but what should I use to practice/break in the gun with? What are the steps to a proper break in? Thanks guys.

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    Ruger does not suggest or say that you must to put 300 rds through their SR1911'a for any type of so called break in period.

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    Never owned a gun that required a break in. Interesting about hundreds of rounds to make a 1911 reliable. Not sure how GIs ever survived a century of conflict with a sub-par government issued weapon compared to a "top shelf custom" as a Kimber if it needs such procedures. Insert sarcasm where needed to prevent hurt feelings.

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    It's funny how these supposed "break-in" requirements are stated in nice arbitrary round numbers. As if 499 rounds won't do it but 500 will.

    If I acquired a new 1911 of any type I would assume that it would perform as the manufacturer intended. The gun would be cleaned and lubricated and taken to the range for a fun extended shooting outing. By the end of the day all will be revealed whether or not the pistol will give proper function. If it worked great during the shooting session then it could be considered as good to go. Clean and lubricate and live happily ever after. If it didn't then the manufacturer flubbed somewhere in the pistol's fabrication. It isn't a characteristic of the design that requires a break-in. Reliability with differences in bullet styles may be sorted out for carry purposes.

    I'm not certain why some shooters consider a "tight" 1911 to be particularly desirable or why some manufacturers persist in building them that way.
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    Use FMJ and read your owner's manual. It will tell you the break in period and how often to clean it during the break in period.

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    Frankly I don't really care about the exact number of rounds for beak in. Shoot a couple hundred FMJ and a few dozen SD rounds to make sure everything feeds and fires as you would expect, then clean it. You'll more likely than not be putting a few thousand rounds through it before you'll actually need to use it anyway, and as long as the first range session went as expected, you shouldn't worry about it malfunctioning in a tight space. Give it a good once-over before you take it out, clean it, lube it, and then take care of it after you shoot it. Should be all you need.
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    Shoot it!

    Just find some FMJ and put at least 250 to 500 rounds through it to ensure that it is broken in.

    Enjoy your SR1911
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    I've never carried a pistol until it had at least 500 rounds reliably put through it. A few failures to fire, failures to feed, failures to eject in the beginning is ok provided it ceases occurring before 200 rounds and then becomes non-existant past then.

    I don't worry too much about 115 (my range ammo) vs 147 (My carry ammo). I am more worried about ensuring I get a lot of rounds through the pistol and to that reasonably inexpensively I tend to use Remington UMC (first choice) or Winchester Target ammo (aka, WWB) in 115 grain. As others have said once you feel good with the weapon in range load you should run a few magazines worth of rounds with your carry load as well so you know what to expect.

    In the end it is what you are most comfortable with. But if you are carrying I would be darn sure you're comfortable with the pistol before you carry it.

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    You could give it to Rollo and let him break it in for you.
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    Put it in the dryer on a sweater rack on fluff cycle with dryer sheet...oh wait, wrong thread. That was how to dry it after supersonic cleaning.
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    Is the break-in/round count more important for the gun, or for the confidence of the gun owner?
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    At home: Field strip, clean and lube! Use good grease on the rails. Run the slide manually 100-200 times. Field strip, and inspect to see if you can see metal to metal wear where there is no lube. Lube those spots. Rack the slide a few times more.

    At the range: Shoot FMJ. 100-250 rounds should do it.

    At home: Clean, inspect, lube.

    Back at the range: 50 more FMJ. All good? Shoot a box or two of SD ammo.

    That's the way I do it.

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