Wife out shot me with my Glock!

Wife out shot me with my Glock!

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Thread: Wife out shot me with my Glock!

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    Thumbs up Wife out shot me with my Glock!

    Took my wife to shoot my Glock 19C because that's what I figured would be the best gun to use for CHL. She emptied to first mag and hit 12 out 15 shots, that's never shooting a pistol before! Second mag she was plinking all the targets for 12 shots than to my surprise she turned to a clay shotgun target that was broke in half at 70-75 feet away she hit it on her second try. I could hit targets but that little clay thing did me in. I just told smile and told her when the World goes to crap, honey your on my team!
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    When I first read the title to this post I missed the "out" so it looked like "My wife shot me with my Glock!"
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    Sounds like it may be "her" 19c now!!

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    watch out guys, women are almost always better shots than we are
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    Now get her a good gun and see what she can do!

    I kid I kid!

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    Congrats to the wife, but don't ever get her REAL angry...
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    My wife is a darn good shot as well. I think she "lets" me outshoot her. My sister in law regularly outshoots her LEO husband who is quite an avid shooter too. It's fun taking your better half to the range but you just have to practice more to avoid getting shown up. :)
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    Girls love Glocks plain and simple. Generally they are a better shot than us as well. Something about child birth and concentration? Maybe it's something else.

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    Their secret is that they actually listen to and apply proper instruction
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    Two gals stand out in training over the years. They were complete newbies, but dropped the jaws of all the guys around. It's not often I've seen 5 shot rose pedals at 10 yards. Turns out one was into MA, and the other a seamstress. There's a reason for the term "Better Half."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starkster View Post
    Took my wife to shoot my Glock 19C ... hit 12 out 15 shots, that's never shooting a pistol before!
    You're gonna lose that G19. Time to pick up another. Good news is: you'll be doubly good as a team, if it comes down to defending yourselves. You'll both know that platform and its operation, you'll have interchangeable ammo and magazines.

    Congrats to your S.O. That's great shooting, for a first-timer.
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    Women tend not to have as much ego gumming up their ears and they don't have any pressure to be "manly".
    Goes to show you the value of having a humble attitude while you learn.

    Sounds like you've got a winner, brother.
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    Just like my DW.
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