Browning BT-99 Goodness and Synchronicity

Browning BT-99 Goodness and Synchronicity

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Thread: Browning BT-99 Goodness and Synchronicity

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    Browning BT-99 Goodness and Synchronicity

    I started shooting trap again a few months ago after a very long break(15 years). I was never serious about it, just went out to break clays with some friends from time to time. I always enjoyed myself but I did not have the right tools to be competitive. I happened to find a great deal on a Savage 720 "Automatic Shotgun"(browning Auto 5 clone) a short time ago and decide to give the clays another whirl. The Savage is not the best for trap but a durn sight better than the 18" Winchester pump action street sweeper that is(was) my only other 12ga. I have been averaging 15/25 and have hit as high as 19 in a round. Again, fun but not competitive.

    My favorite LGS has had a Browning BT-99 on consignment for a few weeks. I have been salivating over it and saving my pennies to be able to make a serious offer on it. This past Thursday(my Saturday) I had to force myself not to go and gaze at it forlornly and wish I had the bank to buy it. I was proud of myself at 4:00pm when I had made it through the day with out a trip to the toy store.

    A 4:15 my phone rang. I answered without glancing at the caller ID;
    "Hello", I said.
    "Hi Rich? This is Dave over at J&D Firearms"(I'm on his speed dial) "You remember that BT-99 that's on consignment?" he said.
    "You mean the one that has my fingerprints all over it?" I responded.
    (chuckle from his end) "Yeah, that one."
    "yep, I remember it. I also remember that I'm a couple hundred bucks away from being able to shoot it.", I remarked sadly.
    "Well I may be able to solve that dilemma for you", he teased...

    It turned out that the owner had come in earlier that day and bought his Son a pistol. A little while later he came back and asked if he could trade the Browning in on a handgun for himself. This put it at a price point that Dave could cut me a good deal and still come out better than he would have by selling the shotgun on consignment and the pistol at his asking price.

    Can you say "Win-Win!!!"

    It was manufactured in 2004 at the Japan facility. It has a 34" inch barrel with a Briley INVPXL Light Full choke installed and I picked up a Browning Midas Full Choke tube on the way out the door.

    I couldn't miss with it shooting clays from my Trius One Step this afternoon. I can't wait to see what I can do with it on trap night!

    Here's a couple pics and a question for anyone who may know more about these things than I do.
    What is the purpose of the small "angle iron" attachment just behind the front bead?

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