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Anybody fired off a round w/o hearing protection?

This is a discussion on Anybody fired off a round w/o hearing protection? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have and it only took one for the RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG to explode in my ear and I never did it again....

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Thread: Anybody fired off a round w/o hearing protection?

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    I have and it only took one for the RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG to explode in my ear and I never did it again.

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    Just once. Inside the house.
    Didn't find that damn cat for 3 days...

    Relax, he's fine...
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    Anyone hunt ? enough said.
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    Yes, in a self-defense situation. Because of auditory exclusion as a result of an adrenalized state, it sounded like a firecracker and I didn't experience any hearing loss.

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    All my life and my ears have suffered from it......left ear rings constantly and hearing is bad in both! Growing up we were never told of the possible on the ranch, shot hundreds of rounds every month and no telling how many during hunting seasons!
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    Quote Originally Posted by dragnut View Post
    a few months ago I bought a new 380 Walther pk and when I got home I was so excited I loaded it a shot it twice w/o my protection. Believe me I will not forget again. I can't believe how loud my ears rang for about 15 minutes. But it did eventually go away.

    Why did you shoot the second time?

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    Years ago I went to a range to shoot the 9MM I had at the time. I shot almost a full box of ammo before I realized I din't have my hearing protection on. To be young a foolish again. Of course I never wore any while hunting. It's a bit different indoors as opposed to outdoors.

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    Fired about 20rds through my father's .30-30 without ears since he didn't have any and wouldn't buy the plugs they had there (Yeah, awesome I know). It sucked.
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    i shoot a round out of all my weapons without ears on so i know what to expect should i ever HAVE to. yeah it sucks. yeah your ears ring. yeah i wouldn't recommend for anyone to do it.

    as follows.
    12 gauge
    glock 23
    h&k usp 45

    i should note that there are other weapons i have not done this with, because they would never be a first line of defense weapon. my mosin nagant is definitely in that group.
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    Varmints usually don't wait around for ya to get your earplugs in. The ringing goes away. Not as bad as a rock concert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maximumrob View Post

    Out of curiosity, have any of you fired off a round w/o hearing protection with any gun other than a .22LR? I've been around loud stuff all my life but have never shot any centerfire gun (rifle or handgun) without my ears on, whether inside or outside. Wondering if you lost hearing for a while, still have ringing in your ears, etc. I presume you probably regretted it...

    If you did, why the heck did you do it?

    Thanks much,
    I have a few times. Worst was 12GA 3" mag slug. Since then I have a habit of saying "what?" when someone speaks to me.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by titleist View Post
    -Suppressor use makes shooting without ears much more pleasant
    I tried this on outdoor range where somebody was shooting suppressed AR15 (5.56). I pulled my headphones back for one shot. The shooter was about 3 yards from me. It was not at all pleasant and I wont be doing it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1956 View Post
    I'm guessing anyone who spent their military career in a combat arms MOS has a fair amount of tinnitus. I certainly do.
    Yep. 21+ years USMC; Infantry. After bombing a hearing exam not too long ago; the ear doc asked me if I ever shot the "M-16" without hearing protection...I answered yes to his question. His assistant asked me why I did that and I explained that the man-dress wearing bearded stinky fanatic with his checkered middle eastern doo-rag/fan belt set up didn't give me enough advance warning to do so.
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    I have done a small potion of my shooting with no ear protection. I want to know what I'll be in for once and or if, shots need to be fired.
    If you end up in an SD scenario, and you need to use your weapon, no one is going to wait until you put in/on you hearing protection.
    Of course to each their own but if you have to pull the trigger in you bedroom to stop an intruder just know that it is going to be LOUD!!

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    Never ever ever go without !!

    If you don't know what tinnitus is let me tell you it is a nightmare !! For the rest if your life you will not have a single quiet moment night or day. You can damage your hearing with just one shot even from a .22 some people are just luckier than others but the repeated exposure will get them someday. Unless your risking a life do not ever ever go unprotected. A 9mm user even with foam plugs and headphones over top is receiving a blast 30 plus decibels over the limit when damage occurs. I am a concealed carrier and 13 year military man believe me you cannot have enough protection. Indoor ranges are the worst stay outside away from anything that can conduct the shock wave. Even with foams and muffs the mastoid bone behind the ear can absorb the shock wave and cause hearing loss and tinnitus. I love to shoot I have to limit my range time to prevent further damage. I shoot a lot with co2 helps keep my shooting skills on par with carrying a concealed weapon. A air pistol puts out 20 more decibels than considered safe for exposure. Do some research you'll never shoot without protection again. There is a app that will allow you to play the sounds we tinnitus suffers hear 24/7 I turn it on my iPod and leave it in my workspace drives my co workers nuts. For the greatest protection see audiologist and have custom molds made cost is under $50. best money you will ever spend. Enough said

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