XD 45 loaded chamber indicator failure

XD 45 loaded chamber indicator failure

This is a discussion on XD 45 loaded chamber indicator failure within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I just finished cleaning my XD to prepare for tomorrows shooting session when I noticed my loaded chamber indicator was partially stuck in the loaded ...

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Thread: XD 45 loaded chamber indicator failure

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    XD 45 loaded chamber indicator failure

    I just finished cleaning my XD to prepare for tomorrows shooting session when I noticed my loaded chamber indicator was partially stuck in the loaded position even with the slide off the frame.

    I believe a piece of crud must have gotten lodged under it preventing it from returning flush with the slide. I was unable to remove whatever the obstruction was. I suspect if I give it a good blast with gun scrubber all will return to normal unfortunately I'm currently out. It's not bid deal since it won't impede with the function of the gun, but the chamber indicator now says loaded even when it's not.

    I don't rely on such devises to tell me if my gun is loaded but this just illustrates how these PC "safety" devises can fail even ones that are as mechanically simple as this.

    Anyone else have this happen on an XD or other indicator equiped weapons?

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    This was the first I had ever heard of it but I wouldn't trust the indicator anyway
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    I dont trust any indicator more than my own eyes anyways,

    that being said, thats the first Ive heard of that issue on an XD.
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    Same Problem

    Mine did the same thing. I had to knock the pin out and clean it good. I had been shooting lead SWC bullets. Lead bullets are not known for their cleanliness. I'm back to shooting jacketed bullets as I found my gun did not like lead SWC. The extracted case rim would catch the little vertical ring at the start of the bullet point causing the nose of the cartridge in the chamber to be knocked downward in the magazine causing the empty case to be left in the chamber and leaving a major FTE/FTF. Jacketed bullets are fine. I guess I'll find out in time if the jacketed bullets cause the loaded chamber to stick.

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    I havent had any trouble with mine a xdsc 9mm. But like others said as long as the gun functions I dont pay to much attention to the indicator. I know its loaded. But some like those thingys Id say blst it with the gun blaster cleaner and see if that helps. If not they have a lifetime warrenty. YMMV. Have a good one and be safe.


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    Load indicators, another feel good, worthless gadget for the blissnannies to feel better about themselves.

    Blah (hit the wrong button ).

    Just follow the rules, all guns are loaded. Treat them as such, problem solved .

    But, the greatest safety with any tool is the one between ones ears. Other than that, all other safeties may fail.


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    Mine came off my 9mm and i heard of other having this problem ..

    mine disappered when i was shooting it so it had to go back to springer

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    At least it stuck in the loaded position. Showing loaded when empty is far better IMHO than showing empty when loaded. Still, any mechanical device will fail eventually.

    Rule 1: All guns are always loaded.

    Following the 4 rules renders mechanical devices such as this meaningless.
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    I think the indicator has some worth. Not on a normal day, but when you're awoken in the middle of the night to a bg in your living room and want to be 100% sure in your groggy state that you jacket a round into the chamber after cleaning the day before, it would be reassuring to me (as long as it's too dark to press check it, and you don't want to give away your position for a variety of reasons).

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