Did someone get the tag number of that truck

Did someone get the tag number of that truck

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Thread: Did someone get the tag number of that truck

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    Unhappy Did someone get the tag number of that truck

    I feel like a mac truck hit me, backed up, hit me again, and then finished me off

    That being said, I still haven't heard from the ATFE and they haven't cashed my check yet. Ah, the 'rapid' wheels of the federal government at work

    I made a tactical error on Saturday. I stayed up late and was watching TV when a knock came upon the door. I looked out and it was a 'harmless' women. As in I guess some stupid man thinking kicked in and thought it was all okay and opened the door.

    She was asking for a ride up the road, that is where my nemisis lives and I'm pretty sure she was headed that way, but I had to obey my Mom's rules (if you take one sip of alcohol, no driving) and had to politey decline.

    She made a rapid move with her hand and threw into the house a dollar bill with the statement of, "Thanks for helping me" in a sarcastic tone.


    1. Even though I have a lit porch and I clearly saw her, the house does have a darkened corner, anyone could have been there and come through the door in seconds.

    2. I should have never opened the door. I don't know why I still do this, ingrained training or something. I have three locks on the door, one being a dead bolt, but it doesn't do any good if the door is open.

    3. Fast movement. When she reached down and then back up, I lucked out it was a dollar bill and not a small handgun or even a knife. Most of the transients and drug addicts around here carry at least a knife. They get their legal "girlfriends" who they just hooked on meth to buy guns for them if they want them. I've found that the only thing that gun control laws and the hoops that law abiding have to jump through are just that, hoops, the drug addicts and transients will get guns if they really want them (most are stolen though).

    4. I thought at the time that the person was a non-threat. It turned out okay (so far, I think that she may be scoping my place for a future robbery, that is something that the sheriff has mentioned is happening in this area) but in hind sight, could have been alot worse. I mean, with what I know goes on around here, I should have been more careful.

    As for the newer members who may think that I'm overblowing the situation, please read some of my threads of what goes on around here, the meth problems in Oregon, and the avalibility of LEO's in a rural area.

    I hate to say it but we don't live in our parents day, when doors were left unlocked and people generally had respect for others and their property. It's sad to see the day of no respect, tolerance for criminals and the hatered for people just trying to make a living and that have no tolerance for those who chose to own a gun or to buy some property. (sounds wrong, I meant that the people who tolerate the criminals, drug addicts, etc.. have no tolerance for those who just want to work for a living and own guns to combat those who they tolerate but we wont).

    Oh, I did have my Glock in my hand behind the door but the fast movement of her hand to throw in the dollar bill stuck in my mind, thus prompting this post/thread.


    *not sure if this is the right forum, please move if not. Thank you.

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    Yeah Wayne, I can feel your pain on that one. We have a big meth problem up here in Northern AZ. I haven't lived here long enough to have noticed a difference, but my LEO buddy says its been a steady rise since the late 80's and it's getting much worse - faster.

    I am one of the dreaded Open Carriers. Heeding my friend's warnings (he IS a LEO and has his enemies) and tactics, I follow them pretty closely: Never open the door to a stranger or friend in distress without some kind of protection, watch for cars driving the neighborhood who do not regularly visit or live there, watch for people who follow you, etc.

    Its a damned dangerous world. Always good to remember that one cannot be too careful.
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