The New Gun/Used Gun Thread

The New Gun/Used Gun Thread

This is a discussion on The New Gun/Used Gun Thread within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Who likes to purchase their firearms brand new? Who likes to snag a deal on a quality used firearm? What is the Forum's thoughts on ...

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Thread: The New Gun/Used Gun Thread

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    The New Gun/Used Gun Thread

    Who likes to purchase their firearms brand new?
    Who likes to snag a deal on a quality used firearm?

    What is the Forum's thoughts on the topic of purchasing new versus purchasing used?

    I like to find the deals on used guns. Most of my favorite firearms were acquired used. Many times they were discontinued years before I was even born. I can acquire and enjoy the firearms I most admire by going the used route. Some older firearms are considered to be superior to anything currently produced.

    I do have firearms that I bought brand new that remain special favorites. Trouble is, I'm getting so old that even most of those guns have become minor collectibles. The most recent new firearms purchase I've made was a Kel Tec P3AT in late 2005. Not much to admire about that one and it'll never be collectible in my lifetime.

    It's apparent that some here will only consider new guns. There are good reasons for adhering to this firearms acquisition policy. One wants to be the first to own and shoot it. One wants to have the availability of a factory warranty. One doesn't wish to buy into someone else's problems. One doesn't find the wear and tear exhibited on a used gun to be appealing. One wants to keep his firearms collection up to date with currently produced models.

    Anyway, what say y'all on the subject?
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    Either way Im fine with both. Sometimes you find a real gem, while looking at used guns....
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    Mostly used, some new.

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    I will buy either depending on what it is I want and who has it and what the price may be.

    Over the last year I've bought new:
    2 - KelTec PF9's (sold them later)
    1 - Henry H001 Lever Action .22 (still have it)
    1 - CAI GP WASR10 AK 47 (just got it a little over a week ago)
    1 - Mosin-Nagant 91/30 (still have it. Okay, it was classified as "new" but was it really? Maybe, maybe not but built in 1938 so hard to say. More likely not.
    1 - Stevens 320 shotgun (still have it)
    1 - Heritage Arms Rough Rider .22 Revolver (still have it)

    And used -
    1 S&W Sigma 9F (bought from a gun shop and later sold it)
    1 S&W Shield 9mm (still have it - is my wife's)
    1 S&W Full size M&P45 (traded it for a Glock 23 - due to a good trade deal)
    1 Glock 23 (traded it away shortly after the trade to get it)
    1 S&W M&P40c (still have it and it is my EDC and I love it)

    I think that is it. <LOL>

    I've bought the majority of mine through a gun shop or retail outlet, but I have no problem going used when there is a good deal.
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    I have no interest in all the new plastic guns that are out there now so almost all of my purchases are used. I have recently purchased two new guns since they are all metal, a Ruger SR1911 and a Colt Centennial 1911.
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    Have only baught new.
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    I try to stay new but sometimes you can not pass up on a great used gun.
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    New is nice, but just like a car, the minute you walk out the door with it, the depreciation kills you. A used gun in good shape is no problem for me.
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    New and used. Why limit yourself?

    Matter of fact, I'm looking for a good used 10/22 lately. Thing is...they made them better ten years ago than they do now. Sometimes if you want the better quality, you'll need to seek used. That don't always mean they'll be less expensive though.
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    I don't believe that I have a single firearm that I bought new. It's pretty simple to assess how much a firearm has been fired with a relatively quick examination. However, I only buy firearms with a reputation for reliability (e.g. SIG, S&W, Colt, HK, etc.) and I will not buy a semi-auto without a functional test

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    I buy both used and new but some of what I like and look for hasn't been available new for years. It's not rare to find used guns for sale that have seldom even made it out of someone's safe.

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    Slightly over half my guns were acquired used. Over the past several years, a much higher percentage of guns coming into the collection were used, probably because the guns I'm most interested in acquiring are out of production - like the Colt Detective Special or the S&W K-22 Masterpiece. Oh, and all the milsurps, too.
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    I go either way, although most are used.
    Last week a 1991 Super Blackhawk 44Mag with holster. This week, its 44Mag Carbine cousin from 1972. You just never know when the right deal will come along. The day I picked up the Blackhawk, a fellow selling his SS mod 29 offered me all his ammo. Got 700rds of 44Special and a box of Winchester 250gr Partition Gold for a $100.00.

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    Being new to guns in general I have bought new as much for the "comfort" factor as anything. Not that I know a lot now but a guy at work got totally hosed on a very used Beretta 92F and I'm at least more comfortable with the idea that I have a small clue now so would consider something used.
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    Buy BOTH! Modern (post 50's) firearms are built as well, if not better, than any other time in history. Quality guns are meant to run thousands of rounds, some tens of thousands, and some polymer handguns have documented hundreds of thousands of rounds. Buying used is just a matter of: knowing what used guns are worth, knowing what to look for regarding abuse or high round-count, and buying them at 30-50% less than new retail. Cash (green, folding, paper, dead Presidents) is KING. Buying used is also the ONLY way to get a discontinued gun that you REALLY want. I just got a beautiful S&W Model 12 snubbie (6 shot, K frame lightweight) and am still looking for a S&W 3913 NLS.
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