"Wifes" New .22

"Wifes" New .22

This is a discussion on "Wifes" New .22 within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well got my wife a new 22. Its a beretta Neos with the 6 inch barrel. Got it for 250 out the door from the ...

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Thread: "Wifes" New .22

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    "Wifes" New .22

    Well got my wife a new 22. Its a beretta Neos with the 6 inch barrel. Got it for 250 out the door from the lowpriceguns.com store in bellevue.

    Took it to the range to make sure she will like it and give it a little torture test. Put a bulk pack of 525 rds of blazer through it without one hiccup! Was actually surprised by that as my mkII has trouble accomplishing that.

    It is also pretty accurate. I could cover most groups at 7 yrds with a quarter. Sure i'm using a red dot and a rest but i'm still pleasantly surprised.

    Only problems i noticed were the finish is alittle weak. Some ding marks near the ejection port from ejecting brass. I Prefer heavier finishes like glocks have. (metaphorophosphacoolite or something) Also when you take it apart there are alot of sharp edges to stab yourself on. (hey blood is decent lubricant) The only other thing is the safety is the opposite of what im used to. (you push up to fire, down for safe) Also when its on safe, the lever pokes your finger a bit.

    Overall very satisfied with the gun even though it looks like a ray gun. Its been dubbed the Buck Rogers Special At the range.
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    Congrats on the "wife's" new gun.

    My wife has guns she doesn't even know about.

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    Good choice. I've had mine for longer than I can remember, and I love it.

    Other than being cut, the only other thing I don't like about it is the way you take it down. The wheel thing is a huge PITA compared to everything else I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowercase View Post
    congrats on the "wife's" new gun.

    My wife has guns she doesn't even know about.

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    Congrats to you.......uhhh, I mean your wife on the new Beretta.

    I want a .22 pistol to plink with, and the Neos is definitely on my list of guns I'm considering.

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    I had a Bersa with a safety like that. Every time you fired it the safety would fall down and the gun would not fire again until you moved the safety back. I sold the darn thing.

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    Have fun with that .22. Seldom is the .22 discussed on a forum such as this, but they certainly still have a place in the scheme of things.

    I got the idea that I wanted a "smallish" .22 revolver (can use rat shot) just to carry when I was outside doing work around the place. By happenstance I was in a local pawn shop the other week and low and behold... they had a stainless steel Charter Arms 'Pathfinder' with adjustable sights and a 3" barrel. Cost - $189. It shoots great, having now put a brick of .22lr through it. I replaced the small grips with a set of rubber grips, and it rides nicely in a kydex holster whenever I'm outside.

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    Congrats on the wifes new toy. I've heard nothing but good things about the neos. They do look like space guns, but most all of em do I think.

    I actually just bought a kadet conversion kit for my CZ last night online. Had to join the 22lr plinking club! I told the girlfriend it was for her and she'll love it, which she will but we know nobody will love it more than me! Man, she actually joined here the other day, guess she'll be reading this sometime soon, lol.
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    Thats what I've got to get, a 22lr for plinking targets, 38's and 9mm are getting more expensive every day. Thinking more of a 22lr or 22mag revolver. Big revolver fan!!!
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