Yesterday July, 21 2012 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama we held a Alabama Gun Rights Statewide meeting. This was a true grassroots event. We had around 200 people at the event with only about a month and a half worth of planning. We held four classes on Hand Gund Defense classes and even had a lawyer that specializes in gun type litigation giving us a speech.

The even was great, we had people travel all the way down from Wisconsin, the very far east part of the state there. The local news came out towards the end and spoke with us and even the University of Alabama's school paper there. We have some great patriots there that were donating a Mauser rifle, Mosin Nagant, holtsers, one year of indoor range time, gift cards all as door prizes. We also had a drawing for a Savage home defense shot gun that the proceeds went to lawyer fees for a fellow member that is fighting an unjust case on carrying a pistol on property not his own. he was arrested by an off duty cop after he secured his weapon in his vehicle and was arrested a few days later after filling out a complaint about the of duty leo.

We also have a drawing on an AR-15 and all the proceeds are going to a family that is part of the brother and sister hood that has a child with special needs to help them out with medical costs.

I'm so proud, happy and just down right cheerful to be part of such a great group. We have everybody from local firemen, business owners, police, mayors, news, realators, and students that are part of our group.

I tried to upload 177 photos that I took before I left for work but the computer went into hibernation mode and only uploaded 57.


It's a great day to be an American, we will continue to fight for our rights.