maybe a dumb ? but would appriciate input!

maybe a dumb ? but would appriciate input!

This is a discussion on maybe a dumb ? but would appriciate input! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; With this heat and the way I carry sweat tends to get on my pistol. And today I noticed a tiny bit of rust starting ...

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Thread: maybe a dumb ? but would appriciate input!

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    maybe a dumb ? but would appriciate input!

    With this heat and the way I carry sweat tends to get on my pistol. And today I noticed a tiny bit of rust starting on my takedown pin. It came right off. it couldn't have been there long seeing as I cleaned my gun 2 days ago and didn't notice it.

    My question is, has anyone ever coated certain parts of their weapons to help prevent any spot rusting. Or how can I prevent this.

    Thank you for any help!

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    Yes, coatings are exactly the cure for rust. Check local gunsmiths for someone who does cerakote. Or look online if you can't find a local.
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    RIG has been protecting my blued steel firearms since the 1970s. Couldn't be happier with a product. Keep a RIG-rag handy for a brief wipe-down after use. A rag impregnated with RIG does wonders to prevent rust. Also great when applied for long term storage. RIG is a preservative grease and not to be used as lubricant.
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    A good wipe down with a silicone-impregnated cloth will help prevent moisture from getting to the metal and will prevent rust.
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    I have never really had a problem with a gun getting rusty from carry accept for a Springfield Armory and an old Bulldog revolver. If I had wiped them down after carry they would not of got rusty.
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    Another vote for Rig. I'm so glad that its back on the market.
    Two Guns is correct, wiping a gun down every day works fine. I will admit though that some people do have something in their system that are hard on guns. Had a friend that I refused to let touch any gun of mine because he left permanent fingerprints on the steel.


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    keep an oily rag in a zip lock bag and wipe the gun down once or twice a day

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    I carried a brand new colt 1911 to Viet Nam with me and carried most of my awake hours in some of the worlds harshest conditions, and it looked new when it came back home with me. The holster should seperate you gun from body persperation, and your carry gun should be wiped down every day. I am now in Texas heat as my carry gun sits beside me in it's holster, and no rust has ever been on this gun. My primary oil has always been automatic transmission fluid, and a rag soaked in it stored in a plastic bag keeps all my weapons in near new condition.

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