Got my 22lr kadet kit yesterday! Its for my CZ P-01. My first 22 conversion kit, I'm stoked. Get to finally join in the plinking club.

It kinda sucked that it needed a little filing to fit the slide on the gun. About 40 minutes of tinkering and it was ready to go. It seems pretty sweet, its a longer barrel than the 9mm slide, think it'll be pretty accurate. Can't wait to blast through hundreds of cheap 22 rounds. We're going out to my girlfriends family cabin, out in mcewen tn, west of nashville, for the weekend. The family always takes some guns out to the woods and sends lead downrange, the perfect opportunity to break this bad boy in. Can't wait for her to shoot it either, she's gonna love it. She already likes the P-01 best out of all our guns.

Got my 22lr kadet kit~!-img_6897.jpgGot my 22lr kadet kit~!-img_6896.jpg