Yep. Three weeks after I thought I got a good deal through Amazon for a Knoxx Blackhawk stock for my Rem870.......I walk into Wally World this evening to check the ammo case, and low and behold.........they are stocking these now! Mossy 500 and Remington 870. $69.97 each. Just thought some of you might wanna know.....even if you hate WM. I thought I got a good price at $73.15 on my Amazon deal. Well........four bucks is four buck give or take. I never would have thought. For whatever it's is what it is. I'm always scouting for a good deal even if I don't need it. My eyes peeled all of the time, and I'm not selfish so long as I get mine first. LOL! Just kidding. EBayers could make plenty off this deal for sure. Buy for $69.97 and sell for $103 and free shipping would be sweet. know. If you ever feel guilty.....just send me a buck. That way I can give the pizza delivery guy a tip he deserves. LOL!