DIY 870 barrel Project

DIY 870 barrel Project

This is a discussion on DIY 870 barrel Project within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have found a police trade-in 18.5 inch barrel for an 870. If I can get it, the price will be RIGHT!!! I would like ...

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Thread: DIY 870 barrel Project

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    DIY 870 barrel Project

    I have found a police trade-in 18.5 inch barrel for an 870. If I can get it, the price will be RIGHT!!! I would like to have this as a back up barrel. The bore is excellent, however the finish USED to be matte. I would like to take what is left of the finish off and blue it to match my 870. I have never done this before and it would be a DIY weekend project for me. Can I just buy some of the Blue finish at Wally World and slap it on or is it more complex? If you guys could walk me through the process of stripping the matte finish and applying the Blue finish I would be very appreciative.
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    The wallyworld finsih doesnt really hold up at least i havent had good luck with it

    Blue wonder's bluing has work soem what for me depending on the gun and how it was finsihed

    sometimes you are farther ahead to send it to be redone..

    from what i have heard this guy does good work im thinking of sending a beretta shotgun barrel to them

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    If you want blue, you want blue, but:

    You live in GA, and this is a defensive arm. I say coat it. Brownell's Teflon/Moly is exccellent stuff, and very easy to apply. Use rust remover on any bad spots, and degrease the whole barrel thoroughly. Heat it in the oven at 125 degrees for half an hour, let it cool to room temp, and degrease again. They recommend bead blasting, but unless you have a polish finish on the barrel now, its not absolutely necessary. Apply coats as directed, and bake.
    The Lauercoat kit works well, too, if you want more versatility, and I believe they have a finish that is supposed to be alomst the same as bluing (if you add more hardener to the mix, it will finish glossier). Coast is about $50 for the solutions, an airbrush starter kit, and a can of air, direct from LCW. You don't have to bake this stuff, but it does speed the curing up.

    I lived for some time in Houston, TX, and bluing just doesn't cut it for me.

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