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Are You Secretive About Your Guns/Ammo?

This is a discussion on Are You Secretive About Your Guns/Ammo? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I don't mind discussing them online but I'd never list every single one I have. Far as offline, I don't mind discussing firearms in general ...

View Poll Results: Do you talk/show your guns/ammo collection to others?

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  • I talk/show my guns/ammo to anyone who will listen, privately or publicly.

    10 6.25%
  • I share more about my guns/ammo online (under a screenname) than in person.

    57 35.63%
  • I share more about my guns/ammo in person than online.

    24 15.00%
  • "I have no guns/ammo--they were all lost in a boating accident." (whistle)

    69 43.13%
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Thread: Are You Secretive About Your Guns/Ammo?

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    VIP Member Array blitzburgh's Avatar
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    Coastal SC
    I don't mind discussing them online but I'd never list every single one I have. Far as offline, I don't mind discussing firearms in general but I definitely don't advertise what I have or rattle of a list when speaking about them.

    My family is pro-gun and so is every friend I have (with a few girls being the exception) so we go to the range a lot together and of course discuss different weapons.
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    VIP Member Array zonker1986's Avatar
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    yeah, let's never discuss guns, and keep that kind of talk only around other like minded deranged gun owners. Never discuss guns with an interested non-gun owner lest they think you a right wing extremist. The Second Amendment will survive just fine without us gun owners spreading the word and good will to the uninformed non-gun owners and extreme liberal left, much like Christianity has survived without.....hey, wait a minute......
    We must keep our hobby of firearms secret lest someone think we are gun nuts and hacks our computers and obtains a complete list of all our guns and then mounts an attack on our offsite bunker at an undisclosed location and breaks into our 48 gun Winchester safe and makes off with our complete collection of weapons and ammo.

    Communication - without it, the Second Amendment is toast.
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    I voted. That edged it up to 40%. Nuff said. I tell my family more than anyone else. I may very well be stupid for telling anything at all come to think of it. But hey.......they'll come get us whenever they want to right?

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    Don't keep them all in one place.

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    Nov 2007
    Since my friends consist of the people I work with, and they are a gun friendly group, I talk freely about them, just like they do.
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    New Member Array goldshellback's Avatar
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    Do I show 'em off...... no. Good friends and family see them from time to time and know they are there (heck, these are the people who have been to the range with me), but just having an open disscussion with 'anybody'? Absolutly not. Ain't their business.

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    I don't really say much about my guns to people around me or that I know(except for family)
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    I never discuss guns or ammo with my non-shootin friends but often at the range I will get into a conversation about different guns or ammo. I am not known to be a great talker,but I like to hear their opinions. Not even my wife knows every thing I have. I sometimes get the question,is that a new one? and the answer is always the same,true or not.
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    I only talk about them at the range and then my response is... What gun? I don't see a gun. What are you talking about? Do you need a doctor?
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    Senior Member Array Bigpoppa48's Avatar
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    I talk about my guns and ammo to people about as much as I talk about the money under my name in Wells Fargo Bank which is NADA.

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    I go out at my lunch break just to find someone I haven't told about my guns yet. It's getting harder and harder to find anyone who hasn't already heard.
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    Shhhh-hhh! someone might be reading this.

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    If someone is curious and I get into an actual conversation, I will not hide what I have, or be afraid to discuss it, but I definitly do not go around broadcasting to all that I have guns in my house. I don't need to worry about any of you guys overhearing my conversation and breaking into my house to steal my stuff, so I have no problem getting into details here. I also never have to meet or deal with you in person, so if you disagree with my stance or what I own, it has absolutely no effect on me whatsoever.
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    I dont talk about my 12 handguns, 20 rifles, my .50 cal BMG, and the 80,000 rnds for them stashed under the bed. LOL. What guns, mine were stolen by the yard nomes down the street.

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    VIP Member Array peckman28's Avatar
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    If someone expresses some interest or it comes up in conversation I'll talk about some of them. I don't go much out of my way to do so though, and I definitely talk about them more on the interwebs here than in person, generally speaking.

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