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Too bad about your friend being in a shoot. And with a hot gun.

I may have been incorrect re owner's title. Recording the sale by a bill of sale with the seller is a good practice - names, address, and SN. That will go a long way in establishing you as a good faith purchaser. You can then avail yourself of an innocent owner defense if you really want to try to hold onto the gun. (I don't know if I would try to hold onto it - I'd feel like a heel if the original owner still wanted it back, and I'd probably just surrender it so it could go back to the owner).

Other than that, there's not much you can do unless you condition the sale on a SN check, or if the seller can produce a chain of title (e.g., a receipt with his name on it from a LGS, for example).
He had a bill of sale but unfortunately it was lost in a house fire a few years ago and the guy he bought it off has since passed away. Despite it being one of his favorites, at this point he want's nothing to do with the gun regardless of how the dust settles.

This was definitely an eye opener for me. For now on, I'll only be purchasing firearms privately after running the SN. I probably should of been doing this from the beginning and I can accept the error on my end for not doing so.