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New shooter

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    New shooter

    Just recently got one of my coworkers to go to the range with me and shoot off a bunch of rounds through a variety of my weapons . He loved it and decided he wanted to get himself a pistol and one for his wife . A gun show was happening one sunday and he called me up to go help him pick something out , but we had an event going on at my gun club and I couldn't make it . Next time I saw him he told me what he bought , a Vulcan V-9 (mac clone) and a hipoint 9MM pistol . I was disappointed to say the least . That weekend I brought him back to the range to shoot and he brought his 2 new toys. the vulcan was total crap IMO . Kept jamming and couldn't hit anything with it . The Hipoint on the other hand worked flawlessly to my surprise . I keep hearing about how bad they are , but we shot over 200 rounds through it without incident. This little $150 gun really impressed me for how cheap it was and how well it shot. Brought him to the range again and it shot another 200+ rounds with no problems.
    Good thing is , he is going to get rid of the vulcan and buy somethig else . Of course , he wants to get something I have and boiled it down to an SKS or a SUB2000 . Loved both of them . He's been bit by the bug and i don't think there's any cure for him now , so add one more to the ranks (2 if you include his wife) . This is the 3rd person that had never shot that went to the range with me and ended up getting thier own guns.

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    Well - the Vulcan sure was a bad choice!!!

    But yes, Hi-Points can and do perform remarkably well, despite being disparaged left right and center! They sure can get someone rolling for little cash and then buy better later.

    Good as ever to be bringing in the new folks
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    The best way for him to get rid of the Vulcan is to toss it into a deep fast moving river because nobody will want it for any price.

    Glad that a couple of more people entered the shooting community though.

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