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Wal Mart rant *warning* long

This is a discussion on Wal Mart rant *warning* long within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've waited several minutes before, even to the point I left - never did I think it was worthy of its own thread lol. I ...

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Thread: Wal Mart rant *warning* long

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    I've waited several minutes before, even to the point I left - never did I think it was worthy of its own thread lol.

    I don't go to Walmart for the terrific customer service, courteous employees or lavish displays... I go there because it's the cheapest place to buy my ammo, enough of a difference I won't buy it anywhere else unless I need it for the range that day.

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    It is hit & miss at my Wal-Mart.
    If nobody is there, it usually takes 5-10 minutes to find somebody with a key...pretty typical.
    Other times there is somebody there, so, no problem.
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    Learn to handload and you can bypass one of humanities cesspools.
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    Ever since my Academy sport moved the ammo out on to the isle, I have no need for Wal-Mart for ammo. This has reduced my frustration with both stores. Academy always had someone at the counter, but often I had to wait quite a while for the to help others.

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    Makes me feel rather jaded, all three of our local Wal-Marts are good at keeping people either in front of the ammo display or in close proximity. The only times I have had to wait is because others are ahead of me in line. Fortunately I have never had that bad of an experience.
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    Yet another reason Riley's (Welcome to Rileys Gun Shop - Hooksett New Hampshire) and TDS (Tactical Defense Solutions LLC - Specializing In High Quality Supplies For The Critical Shooter) get my business. Only wait is for the cash register at Riley's when they're really busy. Last time at TDS, he met me at the door and handed me my purchase. No fuss, no hassle, great people that know their business, and fair prices.

    Maybe I could save $1-2 a box at Wally world (pretty sure I can't - Riley's sells bulk 9 for $11 and .45 for $17, but for the sake of the argument). If I go through 500 rds/mo, I could maybe save a $10 - $20? 20 minutes wasted time in a place like Walmart doesn't make that worth it to me.

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    I've had similar luck at the ones near me. My wife used to work for them and thankfully no longer does (hasn't for quite some time now) but she could tell me stories which would just make you cringe about how some of the people work but also how they get treated by the management. I still do my grocery shopping there as it helps me get what I need and stay on budget but last night was a pain. They had 8 lanes of self serve - 20 items or less and 2 10 items or less lanes and 2 full serve lanes and those two had the bulk of the people and I had to wait 45 minutes to get checked out.

    But back to the ammo. One way you can do it is to go to the area you need help in and then yell at the top of your lungs - "I need assistance please" over and over again until someone shows up. It probably wouldn't take them long to try to shut you up. But then again, they might just call the cops and say there's someone unstable back in the ammo aisle, which could be bad. The other way would be to go up to register area and find the CSR who has the walkie talkies, that you just got a $1000 dollars for your birthday and are wanting to spend it here but can't get help. That might put a fire under them. But then again, it could get you jumped as you walked out of the store. (lol)
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    We have 2 local Walmarts and I have had no problems with either one. The prices any nearly all the household items we purchase are way cheaper. Ammo is fairly priced and sometimes low. There is always someone at the sports department and never a wait of any consequence. If I had as much trouble as you seem to have had, I would have simply left and shopped somewhere else. Why the long diatribe about the local stores? Send a letter to corporate and they will spank the district manager for those 3 stores. Even if you don't shop there any more, contacting them will put a strike against someone in the chain of command.

    Customer Service

    Corporate Mailing Address
    Walmart Home Office
    702 SW 8th Street
    Bentonville, Arkansas
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    I buy my ammo online.

    Convenience Savings + Sales Tax Savings - Shipping Costs = NET GAIN (for me).

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockman10mm View Post
    Learn to handload and you can bypass one of humanities cesspools.
    WalMart=humanity's cesspool? Works for me. I'd rather take a whippin' than shop at loathsome WarMart.
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    Sam Walton died and Wal-mart went straight to the toilet. He built that chain on customer service and satisfaction. My feeling is they couldn't wait to get rid of him.

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    I go to the local walmart cause its cheapest, although I do have an academy sports that about the same price. But I've had good luck at my 2 local walmarts, I can always find the person with the key and walk right over with them and get what I need. But I do try to buy in bulk a little bit so I don't have to go every week.

    I would end up paying more online with shipping charges and my local gun range is WAY overpriced.
    The stupidity of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me.

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    Folks, this is the price you pay for Wal-Mart's "low prices". Sure, they have low prices, primarily on Chinese made junk. I'd rather spend more somewhere else, plain and simple. Customer service is dead for the most part, but expecting quality service at a store that prides it self as being the cheapest (and therefore is paying for the cheapest available employees) is wishful thinking. One will note Wal-Mart advertises its "great" low prices, not its commitment to customer service.

    I handload, but if I didn't, I'd buy my ammunition online or at a gun store, even if I had to pay more.

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    I'm friends with the guys who possess the keys at this Walmart lol if they're not working, I'm not buying.

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    I don't go to Wally World for nothing.
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