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New Shooters

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Thread: New Shooters

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    New Shooters

    Well i had another thread about several people that wanted to learn to shoot.
    Tonight a friend and his daughter,Friend is a HS Coach and Daughter is a College Student went to the gun range with me,after going over firearm safety,range safety and how to load aim and fire different weapons I pulled out the S&W 22A and GSG 1911 22 for them to learn to shoot on ,his daughter shot the 22A first and at about 7 yards in a 2" circle I drew on a piece of computer paper she was pretty much drilling about 80% inside the circle (dang I teach good) Her dad then shot the GSG and even tho his first shots were in the center they were scattered around about a 5" group,but after some feedback and adjustments on grip stance breath trigger etc he started shooting 2.5 to 3" groups pretty consistent.
    For what little time we had I addressed less than lethal options and some SA issues.I plan on continueing the education and also advised his daughter to check out the "Cornered Cat" website.
    To be honest after one session her dad feels that if the need arises his daughter will be able to defend herself if the need arises since she will be moving about 8 hours away to Dallas when College resumes.He will be giving me a call when they go pick out firearms to get my opinion on makes and models and pros and cons.His Daughter liked shooting a S&W 686 with some handloaded 158 grn 38 special and foer a first gun will be looking at revolvers,her Dad liked my 1911's and a Sig 229 40,so it will be interesting when we hit a few local mom and pops that I'm friends of the owners and try to help out when I can
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    Bravo! Well done, duk!
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    Two more on the correct side of the issue!
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    That's awesome man. Another addition to our side.

    Not to take anything away from your credit as a teacher but my instructor (also a good friend of the family) made a good point the other day during extra training. He mentioned how every time there's a female in a class he conducts, she always shoots better than the men.

    What he said regarding it made a lot of sense. He said he believes it's because their usually a "clean slate".. as in they haven't picked up the bad habits (shooting wise) men do stance wise, etc. Etc.

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