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How do you report someone who should not own a firearm?

This is a discussion on How do you report someone who should not own a firearm? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm late to this thread, but to answer the original question: don't report him. It's none of your business. Protect yourself, your family, and your ...

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Thread: How do you report someone who should not own a firearm?

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    I'm late to this thread, but to answer the original question: don't report him. It's none of your business. Protect yourself, your family, and your home, and leave this situation to be sorted out by the Sheriff's department.

    You don't have all the facts and what you're relying on seems to be just assumptions and conjecture. It's not your place to intervene. Stay vigilant and keep your doors locked. Intervening could making your life a living hell if this person finds out you were the one who "ratted." My .02, your opinion and that of others may differ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArmyMan View Post

    It's called 'mirroring', and yes I also think folks are trolling or just stupid when they make the "my home, my rules" aka "mememememe" argument Perspective FTW.
    If anyone portrays this "mememememe" argument, it's you. It's all about your right to carry anywhere you want, anytime you want at the expense of other people' rights.

    Sorry for this off topic post but I had to call BS on this one!
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    These problems don't just pop up out of nowhere. By the time a guy gets to the point where he's surrounded by bottles and is defacating on the couch so he doesn't have to leave his drugs, he's been there a while. He's a junkie, I used to step over them on my way to school. They are all dangerous because they are slaves to the drugs or substance they're abusing and they'll spend more and more and eventually have to resort to assault and thievery to get the money to buy more. Keep your gun close to you. We have a problem with the nearby trailer park and it's meth head inhabitants. I know your pain. It's not paranoid to carry in your own home and I'd suggest doing so.
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    It's amazing to me that so many people here are shredding the OP for trying to avoid another negligent/drunk firearm discharge that could end up in the news as another crazy gun nut who killed somebody (or maybe only killed himself). The OP was asking for advice on how to best handle the situation to protect his family, others around him, and who to go to to alert the appropriate people to the circumstances.

    I would say authorities have been "notified" and that this is about as much as can be done. I would also say that it is much more possible he *might* purchase a firearm illegaly off the streets than go to a LGS and spend ~$500 on a gun. Ignoring the fact that he probably much rather would have spent that money on more booze and probably would not be able to stand up straight long enough to wait for the results of his background check...

    I don't think this is really an issue of wether he will put bullet holes in the walls, floors and ceiling as much as the OP's daugher having to listen to two guys breaking stuff in the apartment above while having crazy (unwilling?) or painful sex with each other... Or his daughter having to witness or hear about that guy living above them who defacates on himself, lays in the hallway with his pants down and could die and start stinking any day... No a pretty thing to grow up around and I would personally try to get out of that condo as fast as I can (if I can). I don't think he's as much of a danger to others as he is to himself. I don't think he'll be around much longer quite honestly! But then again, I wouldn't want to be quoted on that if he DOES end up in the news for doing something stupid like setting his condo on fire (on purpose or by negligence)!

    Besides, for all of those who think it's best to just leave that guy alone and not "ruin his life" - well, that might be even less helful to THIS guy than calling authorities on him. Sounds to me like he could very well die ANY DAY now if nobody intervenes. How is that not going to ruin this guys's life quite literally? And I agree that the OP should lay low whilst reporting him in case the drunk might get crazy mad at him for messing up his drinking binge again.
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    I think this will be a process that will not end soon. Keep calling, keep documenting, and follow the earlier poster's advice about not drawing his focus to your family. If he threatens himself or someone else or is seen handling/abusing the firearms in his sloshed state in my jurisdiction, responding officers can and will seize every firearm in the place-and there will at least be a hoop or two to jump through to get them back, especially if there is an involuntary commit. Hopefully that would happen before he cranks rounds through the floor and ceiling. With any luck, he'll pawn or sell the guns to buy vodka and pills before he decides to take indoor target practice. IMHObservation, the system can't solve many problems when it comes to mental health/addiction, and can't solve ANY of them quickly. Best bet is whatever it takes to get this clown evicted, but work it from every angle-eviction, emergency committal, whatever. I think that some problems cannot be solved from outside due to lack of interest or resources (money, time) and have to track to the logical end or be moved somewhere else and we sort of have to hope that we don't get dragged into it. I'm sure the officers that respond have already involved their mental health/crisis intervention resources, but ask them exactly what they will be doing. Maybe that sort of educate you as to what exactly can/will/won't be done and improve your ability to just try to hang on and deal with it the best you can.
    I've had a crazy neighbor (not nearly as bad as yours) and seen a few hundred in my work (many worse than yours), and feel sorry for the folks that have to put up with them. I think that is why so many officers buy a little house in the middle of a big property out in the country, with no intent of planting a thing or keeping a horse. Buffer.
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