45 and 44; stretching it out

45 and 44; stretching it out

This is a discussion on 45 and 44; stretching it out within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Heres another little review from todays shooting practice. Since I had shot the Colt yesterday for 15 yard groups, I thought I would really stretch ...

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Thread: 45 and 44; stretching it out

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    45 and 44; stretching it out

    Heres another little review from todays shooting practice. Since I had shot the Colt yesterday for 15 yard groups, I thought I would really stretch the distance to about 40 yards. I assembled a quick 50 rounds, the same as yesterday, only dropped the charge back 3/10s of a grain, and set up the chrony on the 40 yard marker. Heres what it looked like;

    I fired a magazine after initially putting a few thru the screens, and had a velocity of about 810 fps, which was in the ball park I had hoped for. Now with the Colt, I use a 6 oclock hold. Here are the results of the first mag;

    Normally, these groups put me in the center, but it looked like distance Has changed my poi. So, holding for the center, I shot several more mags running the gun hot. Here are the results;

    Very happy with that, I grabbed the 4 inch M629 and my box of handloads and went back to the 50 yard marker, where I got into an improvised kneeling position and let go with 6 shots. The load was 250 weight lswc over 10 grains of Unique and chronograph at 1100 fps. The results;

    6 fired and six on paper. I will take that for now. I am working towards being prepared for a Texas hog hunt at the end of September. I am not really sure what distance to expect, but my goal is to become pie plate accurate out to 100 yards with at least a 90% hit ratio.

    I am currently firing 100 rounds a week of this load in training and preparation. But being 100% at 50 yards is a good start.
    Now the guns need a cleaning.
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    I'd say that is impressive.

    I don't know Bo Diddley about pig hunting in Texas, but I think 30-75 yards might be the norm.

    I think you are at the very least going to put a hurt on them with the first couple of shots.
    Keep us tuned in glockman!
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    Not going hog hunting, but you've got me thinking about working up some loads for my Super Blackhawk to try at 50 yards. Glockman, do you cast your own bullets? I wish I had time to do that now. When I was able to cast my own, they were always better than what I could buy.
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    It's too bad i moved away from down there or I'd have to come shooting with you. The farm has me in sell mode right now but a 5 or 6 inch revolver is on my short list.

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    I like the look of that paper plate. Looks like pig meat is going to happen in the near future to me.

    Also like the look of that photo. Pretty setting and so green! It's so crispy brown around here. We did get a 3/4-inch shower over the weekend so things will perk up a bit, at least temporarily.
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