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Do you remember the first time you went shooting?

This is a discussion on Do you remember the first time you went shooting? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by armado MY father was a policeman and taught me how to fire with his services revolver. It was a S&W Police special ...

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Thread: Do you remember the first time you went shooting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by armado View Post
    MY father was a policeman and taught me how to fire with his services revolver. It was a S&W Police special and I was about 5 years old in 1960. There was no hearing protection used back then.
    This was apparently universal back then. No one in my family or their circle of shooting friends ever used hearing protection. It does have it's long term detrimental effects too.
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    In Serbia, you do not go shooting, you run away from being shot at. Once I came here, my sponsor taught me to shoot, that 2003 with a Winchester 92
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    My first time shooting in 1994 was at a basic gun safety course with my H&K USP .40. I was terrified since I have never trained in semiatomatic pistols then. After about 3 rds., my flinching wasn't much and I became more confident as well as competent. And BTW, prior to purchasing this as my first gun, I was also for gun control. After a home invasion took place in another house in my neighborhood that I witnessed, I bought my first gun and became an ardent 2nd Amendment supporter since then.

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    Yup! Friends dad took us to an old Quarry. We shot everything from a .22 to an M1 Garand. Probably a dozen rifles and a dozen pistols. I distinctly remember loving the 1911, S&W revolvers, and hating a Glock .45 that was really stubby. The Garand was a hoot but his dad was picking off apples at 600 yards with an M14 using open sights. I was 23 and that started the addiction. Oh, and we got to clean all of them that night by ourselves. All of them.
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    i was with the guys in my band. i was 14. we had this old 10 gauge with slugs and we were taking turns shooting an old cymbal (from a drum set). it was a break action, and it kicked real hard. none of wanted anything to do with it after the first shot but no one wanted to be a wimp so we all shot it until we ran out of shells. no one could play very well the next day at band practice.
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    Paris Island USMC bootcamp. First shot with the m16 a2, took a butt stock to the cheeck bone and loved it.

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    It's where my avatar picture came from. My room mate's uncle is the training officer a nearby sheriff's range. We got to shoot several tactical police weapons including an M16, UMP40 and Glock 18 with stock. I don't know if any range trip will ever be that wonderful.

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    In '92 when I was still a teen, I was living in LA when the riots went down. Shortly after, I went to a range in Torrence and rented an S&W .357 (probably a Model 27) and put 50 rounds down range. After that, I didn't shoot another firearm until 2011 when the shooting-bug bit me hard. Now, I go to the range at least monthly.

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    red rider was the first ( wasn't everybodys?) Then Phesant hunting at my uncles farm ( shot gun )

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