Need help deciding, double-stack full-size 9mm

Need help deciding, double-stack full-size 9mm

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Thread: Need help deciding, double-stack full-size 9mm

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    Need help deciding, double-stack full-size 9mm

    Need help deciding on a full-size pistol. When I say full size I am referring to the gun having a grip large enough to fit all your fingers on without any extensions added to the magazine and a barrel length of 4-5". I recently moved from CA to AZ, so I am no longer limited to 10 rounds. I have a short list of guns I am considering. I am looking for opinions from anyone that has one, preferably an informed (you have owned or at least shot it) opinion and not one you regurgitated from a review on gunblast or some random gun blog.

    Not a GLOCK. Cannot emphasize enough how much I dislike Glocks, they just feel awful in my hand, have held a Gen 2, Gen 3 and Gen 4 and none felt right. Great guns, just not for me.

    Biggest thing is I am trying to keep the real world/gun store price before tax as close to being under $500 as possible. If the gun is worth it I will stretch it, but I figure I need to set a limit before people come in suggesting guns that are well out of the range I am willing to spend on a pistol right now.

    So far my list consists of the Ruger SR9, Springfield XD9, EAA Witness P-S 9mm, Taurus PT92.

    I am already kind of leaning toward either the PT92 or the XD9 as I used to own an XD9 sub compact and a Beretta 92 and they were both great and accurate guns, I have read a lot of owners talk about how the Taurus is a better value than the Beretta with a better warranty. I'm not as familiar with the other two. I have handled both in the gun store, both fit my hand well, I know a lot of SR9 owners love their guns but I have also heard the trigger is not that great on them either. The EAA Witness made my list for two reasons, first is how if felt in my hand. Gun shop employee handed it to me when I was in there considering picking up a Glock 17 and didn't like how it felt in my hand, and the Witness felt better in my hand than any other gun on the list with the exception of the PT92, the other reason is that it seems to be the best "value" at $300+tax brand new at a LGS a few miles away from me.

    I'd love to hear from anyone that owns any of the 4 guns on my list, along with any other suggestion that are in my price range that I should go look at before making my decision.

    Also, might as well add this at the tail end, do not mention a gun that is only in my price range if purchased used. I am not a fan of buying used handguns because typically the warranty is only fully honored to an original owner and I don't like used guns for the same reason many don't like used cars, you don't know how hard it was abused or how well it was maintained. Not a fan of inheriting someone else's problems.

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    Want advice but, but, but... Get whatever you think is best with you and live with it. It's doubtful you're going to find the "perfect" gun, given all the restrictions you've placed on it--short of having a custom-made gun. As for used, I bought cop trade-ins S&W 4566 and a 6906 from CDNN and couldn't be happier. Word is that S&W still honors the warranty--but I haven't had to use it.
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    I would stay away from taurus - or don't, learn it the hard way like I did.

    As someone who "hated glocks" too, you really should shoot one before you keep knocking em. I did . . . now I have one.

    Best thing to do is rent and try out as many as you can. Shooting is a whole lot better than just holding them.

    And in all reality, whatever you get - chances are it'll change sometime shortly down the road.
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    My friend has a 9mm xDM that I shot. That gun was a joy. My Dad has an SR9c, which is close to its big brother. The trigger was a lot better than you would think. I will say this, if you have only handled, and not actually fired, a Glock, I recommend you shoot one. You may be as surprised as I was (former Glock hater, now proud Gen 3 G19 owner). The M&P pistols from S&W are also worth a look. Just find a place that rents these guns, rent maybe a couple at a time, and see which one works the best for you. They're are solidly built, it boils down to personal preference.

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    XD9/XDM9 is a good options. 19 rounds is a pretty impressive amount of firepower. Out of the 3 Taurus guns I have owned all three had to go back to the factory. They ran fine after that but I think it speaks to their quality control. That being said I have owned 3 gun made by S&W and all three of those also had to go back to the factory, so go figure. M&P's have great ergos. A lot of people have had good luck with them. I'm personally done with S&W as a company but that doesn't mean they don't make good guns. I'm not a fan of Ruger auto's but I LOVE their wheel guns. Their auto's just seem....clunky... to me. SR9's are less so then some their other auto's but they just don't tickle my fancy.
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    I second Mike's recommendation. I have the M&P9c and love it. I bought a 17 round mag and one of those molded pieces of plastic to fill in the gap. Fires real nice, so gotta figure that the full size rocks, as well. I can hit a 12" target from 45 yards with this piece and I'm not that accomplished of a shooter.

    I also second miller_man's recommendation to rent and shoot whatever you are thinking of prior to purchasing. Then you'll know.

    Good luck!

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    Take a look at the FNP also. I have it in 40, excellent gun for the money
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    Just throwing out an option, but a Bersa Thunder might fit the bill. I believe it would come in under your price range and I think is a great value. The finish on the DuoTone models is said to be more rugged. I have the compact version and really like it.

    Thunder Pro Series

    Bersa with 1500 shot and no jams.flv - YouTube - Always thought this was interesting at least, 1500 rounds with no failures. They dump a bucket of water on it about the 11:00 minute mark.

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    Stoeger cougar or Beretta PX4 Storm?

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    Take a look at FNP & CZ products. Avoid Taurus*. Your $500 budget shouldn't be too big of an issue. Nice feature of the CZ75 is the availability of a great, factory .22 conversion. That way, you get the same trigger-time at 10% of the ammo expense.

    (* Taurus "Lifetime Warranty" is more sizzle than steak. Never had trouble with any reputable gun makers taking care of a quality issue...except Taurus.)
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    Why not a double stack 9mm 1911?
    Whoops, forgot about the $500 budget.

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    I have to tell you, throwing out Glock right out of the box makes me curious.

    I hated Glock myself, not even sure why now, but I do know that since so many people liked them I thought I'd be different. I fought Glock for a long time, then held and fired a G17 one day and never looked back. It's a fine, fine full-sized weapon.

    So ..... just out of curiousity please: why do you hate Glock?
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    I have two EAA Witnesses - a .45 ACP compact that I've had for 15 years or so (never had a problem with it) and a 9mm Witness Classic that I just bought from my brother a few weeks ago.

    Look online, there are tutorials on doing trigger jobs on them. I did both of mine. I also put a Wolf hammer spring in the 9mm.

    I don't think you'll find a better bargain than a Witness full size 9mm at $300.00. On the other hand, if you are the kind of shooter that needs to "pimp out" your handgun (different sights, ambi controls, etc) then the Witness is probably not for you as there isn't "aftermarket support" for them.

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    Well Glock is the standard that all others are judged by and for good reason, it's the best handgun made. Not sure why so many are fascinated with the old 1911, it's just not that great. I have shot and carried one a lot in the military but would never consider giving up my glock for one. I guess second choice would be a Springfield compact.

    Gun Review: Glock G19 (Gen4) | The Truth About Guns

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