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This is a discussion on Gun Zone Sign within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Around here, some businesses use a sign... similar to the 'no carry' sign, except the circle is GREEN and there is NO LINE across the ...

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Thread: Gun Zone Sign

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    Around here, some businesses use a sign... similar to the 'no carry' sign, except the circle is GREEN and there is NO LINE across the middle, and at the bottom it says : We Welcome Conceal Carry.

    We have on set of theatres here who have now posted a very big sign on the doors..... that says "

    No Open Carry Allowed
    All Conceal Carry Guns are Welcome.

    Seems they don't want to scare the sheep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost tracker View Post
    Must EVERYTHING be...advertised? Here's an idea, y'all run your lives & I'll run mine. We can share what we decide to share. No offense at all meant to the OP. It's just seems that any/everything is a STATEMENT any more. Why can't the fact that I regularly carry a gun simply be a quiet, personal decision?
    I would certainly appreciate a business posting that sign, if only to let the scumbags know that 'we're out there'. Plus, it also says that I am more than welcome and I would be more willing to support that business in any way I could. That's my take...
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    Well i think these kind of signs give the courage to the peoples that they can do anything because there is no any law regarding to guns.I think these kind of signs should not be places at any place.

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    Here’s ah food for thought Squidward . . . . .

    First let us set the scenario: “Close your eyes and picture ah thirsty thug or three looking for ah soft target to hit for sum monies to buy some soda-pop to quench their thirst.”

    Walking unto DOOR #1: Thug`s see sign at entrance; “No Guns Allowed Inside Here This Is Ah GUN-FREE Zone ~ violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law”

    Walking unto DOOR #2: Thug`s see sign at entrance door; “Guns Are Welcome on Premises! Please Keep All Weapons Holstered UNLESS Need Arises. In Such Case Judicious Marksmanship Is Appreciated”

    Walking unto DOOR #3: Thug`s see no posted signs but there is ah strong possibility that there are "someone in thar" that's got ah CCW on their person.

    So now what say you Bob Barker as to which would say thug`s above aforementioned choose; DOOR #1, DOOR #2, or DOOR #3?

    PS: I think it would only be fair too for the proprietor of DOOR #2 too offer ah 18% discount to all Legal CCW’s as ah form of compensation for their securely patrol throughout their establishment while patronizing there; hard too put ah price on such type of theft prevention, self preservation, and the safety of your businesses patrons.

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