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Thread: Rifle Shooting Montage - HD VIDEO

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    Rifle Shooting Montage - HD VIDEO

    Hey everyone, I put together a "mash up" of various rifles being shot, including a AR 15, M4 Carbine, AK 47, M1 Carbine, M1A/M14, Mosin Nagant, Yugo 24/47, a M48, etc.

    I can't decide which rifle I like the best, in fact, I don't think I ever will.

    Are you the same way when shooting rifles? Do you actually have a "favorite"?


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    Like many, I've shot full-sized and carbine-length AR's, full-sized and shorty/pistol AK's, Mauser K98 and variants, M1 Carbine, M14, Rem700 bolt-action, and lever-action (various).

    Overall, lever-action probably. But hits the heart in a different way. Hard to have just one favorite.

    Lever-action, for simplicity and reliability. Hard to beat a decent Marlin 1894 or Winchester carbine. The fact they also tend to avoid sending the anti's scurrying for the exit doors is a nice bonus.

    M1 Carbine, for ease of use and accuracy 25-150yds. There's something about how it shoulders, points and consistently hits on-target. Perhaps I got a diamond in the ruff, but I've found it to be stellar. Ugly heavy trigger, though, and I've never gotten it jam-free. But it still knocks the pants off most everything else I've tried.

    Remington 700, for sheer accuracy 100-600yds. On a Remington 700 SPS Varmint .243 Rem, same-hole and dime-sized groups at 100yds and beyond aren't uncommon, and sub-1in at 300yds are reasonably frequent, even given my marginal marksmanship skills. 600yds has been a bear, by comparison, but IMO that's familiarity with sighting/ranging more than anything.
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