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This is a discussion on poor .40 S&W within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by PEF Don't worry, I like the .40... So do I....

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Thread: poor .40 S&W

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    Quote Originally Posted by PEF View Post
    Don't worry, I like the .40...
    So do I.

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    I beat up on mine at least once a month

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    I've never seen a gun I didn't like.

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    Plenty of people like the .40, otherwise it wouldn't be so easy to find anywhere that sells ammo. Shoot what you like. I like my SIG P229, in .40 no less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebraska12 View Post
    Geez....here we go again.

    Here, let's sum it up: 9 can "pretty much" to what a 40 can and the 40 can "pretty much" do what a 45 can. Advocates of the 45 will say, then why not go with a 45. Supporters of the 9mm will say, well the 9 is cheaper, why not just stick with it then. Those that like 40, will say 40 is a good mix of mass & velocity, while the 9 is about velocity and the 45 is about mass. It's a happy medium. People will beat there chests to say the 45 is a man's round and others will say 9mm is effective and they get the advantage of capacity. And finally, some will say, "the 40 is too snappy, it hewts my we wittle hands".

    So, get what you like and shoot it until you proficient. That's pretty much the gist of it.:) lol
    Reading this made my day...hillarity!

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    I have all three. 9, .40, & .45. I prefer the .45, but that's just me. My G21 and 1911 have significantly less recoil than the .40 or even the 9mm. I can make pretty fast headshots on Zombie targets all day long with either one. Running the .40 it takes me about twice as long for follow-ups, but it IS a sub-compact.

    I carry all of my guns in different situations, and I don't feel the least bit under-gunned with any of them. Personally, I feel the .40 is a caliber best suited for a hunting sidearm, which is where mine gets the most use.

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    Google: "your gun sucks" which bashes just about every known gun and caliber.
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    caliber wars need to stop... :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCWFaraz View Post
    caliber wars need to stop... :(
    Holy smokes....isn't that the truth. Problem is, it never will as long as there are new folks getting into shooting. Which is a good thing. A necessary evil I suppose?

    I still do research on different calibers. Difference is, I do the research myself and form an educated opinion based on my own wants and needs. For instance, right now, I'm reading what I can about the performance of .357 Sig.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebraska12 View Post
    And finally, some will say, "the 40 is too snappy, it hewts my we wittle hands".
    I call them the Nine Nancies. For target shooting alone I'd definitely get a Nine. Or a 22LR. But when defense is an issue, I want something that hits home, even if I'm not as accurate with it. It really doesn't matter which part of the lung I blow away. G23 for me.

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    The .40 S&W would be a much more effective stopper if it had just been named the 10mm TSM "Tactical Short Magnum". I can't believe the marketing guys at Smith & Wesson gave up so much POWER with such a simple...name!
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    I like the .40

    Sent from phone. Typos possible.
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    Looks like I was sucked into another Zombie thread.....
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    Because they are afraid when it grows up it will a 10mm Norma. My wife loves her XDm 40. I love my 10mm's and 45acps. Great news...... we all get to choose what we like.

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    I hate the 40. I hate it so much that I have 4 of them. I hate the 9mm even more and the 45...well, I absolutely loath it.

    All three of them cost me lots of money.
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