Lending a gun to your employees to cover your post.

Lending a gun to your employees to cover your post.

This is a discussion on Lending a gun to your employees to cover your post. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hello Everyone I have run into a situation that I need everyone help on. I am the owner of Security company and I have 3 ...

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Thread: Lending a gun to your employees to cover your post.

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    Lending a gun to your employees to cover your post.

    Hello Everyone

    I have run into a situation that I need everyone help on. I am the owner of Security company and I have 3 different caliber guns which are kept in the gun safe in my office for business purposes. I lend my gun to one of employee who is license to carry expose weapon. He was driving home after his shift and got pulled over by sheriff to find out he had Bench warrant and suspended driver license. They arrested him and charged him including carrying a non register gun. I immediately called the sheriff and told them that gun was register to me and I am the owner of the company. He told me to talk to Detective. He finally returned my call and told me that I cannot lend my gun to my employees & it has to be register to the company. I told him that law states that the Guard must have license to carry weapon (he does) and the gun must be register ( the gun is register). I asked him how to register a gun to a corporation it still needs someone to be responsible for the gun like the owner of the company. His response was I will leave to the DA office to decide. Can someone tell me if they have any kind of similar situation, need your help?


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    I personally would never lend my personal firearm to anybody except when hunting and even then theyd have to be saints. Too much can go wrong and if they use it in an innapropriate manner, then you gave it to them and youre liable for it. Looks like youre about to learn a lesson about responsibility. Also, get a lawyer.
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    Lawyer up and keep your wallet open. Shoulda done your research up front. Been a lot cheaper.

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    Where are you?

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    Yoda, I am, yes.

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    I NEVER loan my firearms to anyone. Except for immediate family, I don't even let anyone fire them and even then, they never get out of my sight. The flip side is that I never borrow firearms from friends and I never fire their weapons. I will handle one, unloaded of course, just to see how they feel but that's as far as it goes.

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    I worked for a security company YEARS ago, & those that were commissioned, but did not have their own weapon, were lent a company owned weapon to use at their post.
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    The OP is from California,Like somebody else said you are responsible for knowing the laws in your state when it comes to firearms and licensed people.
    My next question would be unless it was recent why didn't you run a background check on your employee,you hired somebody you didn't know had a warrant and suspended DL.
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    Since you own a security company I'm going to assume (I know, never assume) that you have a lawyer on retainer. He's the person you should be talking to about it.
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    Rule in our house.....WE NEVER EVER LOAN OUT OUR WEAPONS, no matter who it is.
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    Welcome to the forum! Now talk to a lawyer.
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    When in college I worked 2-3 jobs at time. At one, we manned a security gate and they had a loaded .45 there , in case it was needed. Never knew who's it was, the Company's ? ... or what. But it was always there. Not something I would recommend anyone doing these days though.
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    I can only think of two pieces of advice, but I don't know how good they are.

    1) stop talking about it on the Internet.
    2) get a lawyer to explain the gun laws in relation to your company issues. This may save your butt one day.
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Your weapon. You are responsible.
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