Has anyone used it?

Satisfactory results?

Did you follow the directions? Really? Completely?

I'm thinking I'll try it.

I did a search BTW, and it (Blue Wonder) was only mentioned one time... in trying to blue a 1911 safety that was nickel plated... THAT won't work.

I have seen results of Blue wonder on some other forums, and it looks good, and some folks have been quite happy... but you guys, well, I trust y'all.. kinda...

Currently stripping down the barrel of the 10/22 I got for next to nothing...

After rudimentary cleaning, it shoots, the bore is clean and shiny (to the nekkid eye).

Shooting off-hand it seems to shoot high and right (three shots in two rounds, all high and right)...
But I think I'll put it in a vise next time before I drift the sight. Trigger is stiff enough that that may be the only reason it's "pulling."

But the question here is about Blue Wonder... I'll learn more about the shooting and zeroing later.