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What is the gun you will be handing down the generations?

This is a discussion on What is the gun you will be handing down the generations? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My dedicated but shootable heirloom is a Model 1890 Winchester pump in .22 Long. It's 1909 vintage, bought by my grandfather for recreation and pigeon ...

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Thread: What is the gun you will be handing down the generations?

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    My dedicated but shootable heirloom is a Model 1890 Winchester pump in .22 Long. It's 1909 vintage, bought by my grandfather for recreation and pigeon hunting when he was working in Colorado before WWI. It's in NRA VG-Excellent condition. This will go to my first-born child unless he declines any interest; he has no interest in guns in particular, but he understands the 'family' thing. His younger brother is a shooter and will be the recipient of my 1990 Springfield 1911-A1, which was my first centerfire, defensive handgun.
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    All that I have.

    Got quite a "stable" going to my son and daughter- several dozen guns, rifles, shotguns, and pistols. Most will go with them as they leave home with the specification that they be well-maintained, always cherished (afterall they are from Daddy), and never, ever sold.
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    All of them as I have no other recipents I'd care to give them to. As of now one of my most cherished is a Colt lighting that my great grandfather carried as a Lawman. It has two distinct notches cut into the handle, and I imagine what they represent often. Double action still works well on it too.

    I'm hoping that I will have many more to give them. Working on that as often as possible!
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    My Dad's real Walther ppk/s...stainless, engraved, in excellent conditon. A real classic little pistol that's surgically clean, stored in RIG and a green gun bag, and set way back in the safe in the safe for my grandson, who gets it in about 10 more years.

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    All of them, but Colt Single Action Army is the most significant!
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    Darn near a truck load. How ever we have that all figure out ahead of time so the weapons will not be listed in the will.
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    The Model 1894 Winchester 30-30 that I acquired at age 16 which was, shall we say, a few years ago.
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    My fathers Winchester Model 88 that we used to take many deer when I was a boy will be the highlight but my son will get all of the whole collection if he's interested.
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    My son would have no use for most of my firearms (he's more into the military-style firearms), but I intend to leave my Win Model 72 .22 rifle to my grandson--mostly to tweak the D-in-L's nose. She's very anti. My dad bought the 72 for me, used, when I was 12. The rest my son can deal with as he sees fit. No real attachments to any of them.
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    One daughter is an anti, not sure what the other 2 will want. They each already have their own carry piece. I've begun to look for bargains in 22LR rifles to pass down to my grandchildren, but that's a lot of guns! My son will probably want the USP and the AK. He doesn't currently like revolvers at all. It's a terrible thought for my Dan Wesson's to be unwanted orphans. Hopefully he will mellow (and get wiser) with age and learn to appreciate them. If not, my greedy brother (If I go first) will take all that's left. jkg
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    My Glock 30 will be the classic of the next generation!

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    My Great-grandfather's 20ga double barrel shotgun built by the St. Louis Arms (Sears & RoebucK) in 1906
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    My oldest son will someday be the proud owner of my Dan Wesson C-Bob. Youngest will get my CZ75 P-01.
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    Out of the lot,
    I think the Win. 1200 shottie, the Marlin336c, and the DW 15-2 VH and then the M&Pc .357sig, then maybe th S&W 39-2.
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