I recently sent in my SIG P250 2sum for repairs due to having some issues lately with light primer hits. Called them last Thursday and talked to them about sending it back. The C/S Rep I talked to informed me that the gun was used and normally they would not fix it for free, but due to it being in the shop before with the same issue that they would fix it. So this morning I received an e-mail that it was mailed being mailed back and I should get it tomorrow. Being bored at work I called them to see what the gunsmith did to the gun. They said they replaced the entire fire control unit, all the internals in the slide portion of the gun including the new night sights on both slides. Needless to say I'm very impressed with Sigs customer service the promptness in the service. I was kind of worried due to some of the reports of people having issues with their C/S. Not sure of their problems, but from my perspective they have fixed their C/S issues.