Keeping a pistol in an airtight container?

Keeping a pistol in an airtight container?

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Thread: Keeping a pistol in an airtight container?

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    Keeping a pistol in an airtight container?

    Is there any benefit or disadvantage to keeping a pistol in an almost airtight container such as a sealed plastic bag or small Tupperware container?


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    Just be sure to add a desiccant to remove any moisture and it will be fine.
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    Unless you're storing it in an un-airconditioned facility with no humidity control, probably not. I stored my guns in a closet in my a/c'd S. FL home in nothing more than a plastic gun case and a one-time light wipedown of Outers gun oil for 20 years with no evidence of rust. But if it makes you feel better about it, then wrap and pack as you feel fit. It certainly won't hurt.
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    Quality weapon only need to be clean correctly lightly lubed and stored in a reasonable place.
    Even cheap ones don't need over board storage. I have 2 Ak's that were cleaned and lubed with Army CLP over 15 years ago we just took them out a month ago for the first time good as the day they went in the back of the vault.
    Unless your burying it for some reason no reason to lock them up in air tight containers. I have heard of people vacuum sealing them in seal a meal bags.

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    Depends on why your doing it.


    If for long term storages, the advantage is it should inhibit rust from setting in, pack some desiccant crystals in the container with it.


    If there is moister in the container, and no desiccant crystals, it can promote rust.
    No immediate access if needed.
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    That way you can bring it into the shower!

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    Unless you're burying it, I can't really see the point. Mine just stay in the box they came in.

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    RUST-BLOX vapor tabs - available from Brownells. CLICK THE LINK
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    You can add some CO2 or argon from the welder, or a bit of dry ice, to replace the oxygen. Wrap it in foil to fool the x-ray helicopters too . If I was storing my weapons for a few years I would use a dessicant and an oxygen free container, but for a few months at a time it would not be worth it.
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