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Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

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Thread: Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

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    Now the flaming will probably start. LEO ND = Glock.
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    Everyone is human, and that doesn't change when you put on a LEO or military uniform. When I did the M9 qualification with the Air Force, I sat next to a woman who had clearly never handled a pistol in her life during the classroom portion. I gave her a great deal of extra help to get her to some basic proficiency; nevertheless I was very happy she was in the other group for live-fire. "They're only human" certainly doesn't excuse a careless mistake, but to just expect that it will never happen is unrealistic. When handling a firearm, no matter in what capacity, you absolutely need to obey the 4 rules at all times. As far as automatic termination for a ND, I think it should depend somewhat on the circumstances. The police chief should have some discretion; that being said, in those circumstances where an LEO does it in public and endangers people, I think the only answer is usually going to be termination. For military members, having something like that happen is generally a sure-fire way to get lit up like never before. Nevertheless, it still happens sometimes. Better to deal with the offenders than punish everyone, or paint all groups with a broad stroke.

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    I treat all of my weapons as if they're loaded...because they are.
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    I too believe there is no Accidental discharge the weapon will not go off on it's own. Someone or something pulled the trigger.
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    The word "accident" addresses intent, while "negligence" addresses care or awareness (or lack there of). An unintentional discharge is both accidental (you didn't intend it to discharge) and negligent (you didn't have proper care and follow protocol). You can use either one, in my opinion, though I understand why everyone focuses on the negligence: negligence is almost always the cause of the accident.

    The "accident" is in the discharge, not the trigger pull. You can accidentally hit someone's car with your own, even though you intentionally had your foot on the accelerator.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenGoodLuck View Post
    Are the reports always indicating 'accidental discharge'? I've said it before and I'll say it again - just because it's reported in the news as an 'accidental discharge' doesn't mean it was. I believe than any discharge where the person didn't intend for the gun to fire, is 'negligent', not 'accidental'. Guns don't go off by themselves. And if it was a negligent discharge, they should be severely reprimanded.
    I wholeheartedly agree. I've said this once and will likely say it many times over, putting one's finger on the trigger is not an accident.
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    in fairness to the LEO in question, she at least had the weapon pointed in a relatively safe direction. the shot went into the floor and I don't see where anyone got physically hurt.

    I'm not saying that excuses it by any means, if she didn't know how to unload it, swallow your pride and ASK someone how (like....I don't know.....the owner standing three feet away)
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    Maybe I sound like old crusty guy, but, maybe cops should still carry revolvers?
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