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A wish list of guns?

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Thread: A wish list of guns?

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    - Wilson Combat X-TAC .45ACP
    - Sig P226 9mm
    - Remington 700 .308
    - Mossberg 12 gauge
    - Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle

    The Wilson costs more than the rest of the list combined! lol

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    It is time to take a 1/2 day off and look around the gun store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    A BAR. Anything else is irrelevant.
    That is at the top of my wishlist also.
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    Wish list:
    A custom 1911 (e.g. Springfield Pro), an M4 (civilian model), a nice authentic M1 Garand... and a few different 9mms for CC (e.g. g26, nano, shield, xds...when it comes out.)
    (I promised my kids I'd give each of them a pistol for their 21st birthday. I'll let them choose, but I'll reserve my right of veto!)
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    Not guns, but "accessories"! I've owned a bushmaster patrol m4gery for years now and have never put a tacticool toy on it, not even rails. I'd go hog wild f I could spend one day at Larue in a Supermarket Sweep scenario.

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    I think I finaly have all the handguns I want. So now my wish list is simple. A nice AR with all the trimings, and a place to shoot all this stuff.

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    Not in any particular order:

    Ruger SA 1911
    Glock-27 (.40)
    HFN 5.7
    Desert Eagle in .45

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    Geez, where to begin...

    S&W 686 or Model 19 .357mag
    Kimber Stainless II .45 acp
    Winchester lever action 30-30
    Windham Weaponry AR15

    All tops on my list. Just depends on when I find a deal I can't pass on.
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    I just returned from a gun show...wish list? OMG...

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    I have a wish list that never seems to shrink, every time I go to a gun store to buy one I add two to the list.

    I do have a realistic planned purchases list. Considering I just turned 26 have only been shooting for 2 years and already own 4 pistols and 4 rifles I think I am doing pretty good though.

    My 'short list' consists of a 10.5" AR-15 SBR and a Ruger LCR. The rest of my list has to wait, 10 guns is the limit of what my small safe can hold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post

    A full-auto HK33 in .308; a Kriss Vector SMG in .45ACP; an STI VIP 1911 in .45ACP, along with a few hundred acres of property for my own private, personal range and an unlimited supply of ammo. That would just about do.
    I am happy with the firearms that I have but I sure would like the land and ammo. Something like Hickok45 would be wonderful.
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    I would like a M1 and an another M1 carbine (I always want another M1 carbine) and some more S&W revolvers
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    If I could just keep my wish list from growing my GF would be happy. When you have to add new safes your list may be out of control. But I'd never admit that ;)

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    Springfield Armory Socom II
    Sig P228
    HK P7M8
    S&W Model 686 357
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    I have my wish list as well, but I am a minimalist, so I just want 1 hunting rifle (got it), one handgun (got it), one plinking 22LR (got it), but now I want a handy carbine for home defense. But, I agree that my true wish would be enough land to have my own range to shoot the guns I do have.
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