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Need help helping my wife to shoot better.

This is a discussion on Need help helping my wife to shoot better. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My wife is the same way and all I did was to teach her all the gun safety rules and how to take her gun ...

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Thread: Need help helping my wife to shoot better.

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    My wife is the same way and all I did was to teach her all the gun safety rules and how to take her gun apart. Then took her to the range and let her fire her gun all she wanted without bugging her. She learned how by shooting on a regular basis and now there is no way I will even think about cheating on her. ( not that I ever would ).

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    My wife is cross dominant, she shoots Isosolese (spell that how you like, I did). Right handed with the gun centered under the nose, the dominant eye picks it up automatically. She shoots long guns left handed, left eyed. My wife finds it easy to switch to Weaver style with her head tucked down to line up her left eye. When she shoots while moving she sometimes does that without thinking about it until I point it out to her. Any decent instructor could teach it. It's not that hard to do.
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    Thanks everbody. We just went shooting today, and she is already starting to shoot better! I tried to reply to the private messages. I am not sure they went through. If not, thank you for your help. It looks like this isn't going to be as big an issue as I thought.

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    Take a picture of yourself, preferrably of high enough pixels that it will blow up to lifesize or fairly close to that and still look just like you.

    Print it on target size paper.

    Tick her off, take her to the range, hang that target up, and see how she does.

    (just kidding folks, it was a joke, honest)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hillhick View Post
    Made an accidental discovery that my wife is cross eye dominant. She's a rightie/left eyed shooter! I never knew anybody that has suffered from this affliction. We really would like for her to become the best shooter that she can be(me too for that matter), but I don't know where to direct her in this endevor. I've tried looking up advice online on how to deal with this affliction and only came up with differring opinions from the experts. Is there anybody on this site that has dealt with this? If so, what have you found, if anything that helped you learn to be proficient with pistols? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Like your wife I am right handed but left eye dominant. I shoot a handgun right handed; I shoot a rifle/shotgun left handed. I've shot this way since 8 years old, and; at the ripe old age of 62 I'm not about to change. Shooting like this works very well FOR ME!
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