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Shooting at Wisconsin mall

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Thread: Shooting at Wisconsin mall

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    Quote Originally Posted by rigel42 View Post
    TheTruthAboutGuns is reporting the SPA was a Gun Free Zone
    BREAKING: WI Spree Killer Found Dead; Azana Salon Was "Gun Free Zone" | The Truth About Guns

    I'm completely shocked a Mass-Shooting could have occurred in a "Gun Free Zone" </sarcasm>
    There is more than one reason I prefer to avoid these "Gun Free Zones".
    If this was a domestic dispute, and the shooting happened as fast as the reports say it did then no sign made a difference. It was a fast, and ugly situation.

    Unless you reacted immediately, and in the correct manner, pure luck was the only thing going to save someone. This is one of those situations where the BG has an extreme advantage. They come in, and start shooting rather fast. It's the one scenario that requires the most training to handle appropriately.

    This was not a mass shooting. Don't think of it as such. Even though the acts were irrational, they were not driven by someone filled with hate towards hair stylists and their customers...

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    It's always sad when senseless violence results in the death and/or injury of innocent people. My prayers go out to the victims and their families. They haven't said much about this idiot (other than "domestic violence" and the restraining order), so it will be interesting to learn more about him over the next few days and see how what else he may have done in the past.

    Many people will point to this as "the problem with guns," but in my opinion it is really more indicative of a bigger problem with society. Part of it is the lack of personal accountability by many that creates and fosters a "victim mentality," always looking outwards for someone or something to blame. And, part of it is that there is so much violence everywhere (TV, video games, music, movies, etc.) so there seems to be a disconnect between "normal behavior" and "unacceptable behavior." It's not even about right and wrong anymore, which is more what I remember being from 30+ years ago as a kid and teenager.

    Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (retired) has a lot of interesting, and seemingly correct, content on the topic. Below are two links for anyone interested.

    Warrior Science Group: Media Violence Update

    It makes being a parent that much more challenging, but definitely an imperative to help turn things around. I used to believe that we're just one generation away from being a better people - all that to happen enough of us need to recognize the root cause of the problem (senseless violence and attitudes towards the same) and not on the tools used. With everything going on in the world that definitely seems very optimistic now. But, that won't stop me from trying to be the best example possible to my family and others, as well as a positive example of gun owners and the Second Amendment.

    Now, if I could just get my wife to get her concealed carry license. She likes target shooting and supports me carrying, but hasn't made the leap from "novelty" to "necessity" yet. Maybe it's just a confidence issue. I'm going to take her to a good defensive handgun course and see if that turns her around. I would feel better knowing she had the opportunity to protect herself and our kids should the need ever arise.

    Anyway, a lot more that I planned on writing. It is just so frustrating. Hopefully Romney wins the election, the economy improves, and then people will be less focused on placing the blame incorrectly on things like "assault rifles" (i.e., the discussion from the debate last week) and the Second Amendment in general. I have to believe that this will make a positive impact.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mg27 View Post
    see this is why I carry even if its just to the store, because you never know when it's gonna happen. My brother thinks I'm paranoid but ...
    It's that simple: can't defend with what you don't have with you (skill, tools, plan). Got to be armed, if arms are part of the plan. That's not paranoia. That's simple logic and practical reality.

    Truer still is your brother's position: clearly, head-in-sand. That's far more truthful than claiming paranoia over what happens every day across the country (murders, robberies, aggravated assaults, rape and similarly deadly dangerous attacks on people).
    Your best weapon is your brain. Don't leave home without it.
    Thoughts: Justifiable self defense (A.O.J.).
    Explain: How does disarming victims reduce the number of victims?
    Reason over Force: Why the Gun is Civilization (Marko Kloos).

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