Intresting article on current gun sales on MSN

Intresting article on current gun sales on MSN

This is a discussion on Intresting article on current gun sales on MSN within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Why gun sales are booming- MSN Money Found this in MSN's money and investing section of their news site. The article dosn't really 'hit' on ...

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Thread: Intresting article on current gun sales on MSN

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    Intresting article on current gun sales on MSN

    Why gun sales are booming- MSN Money

    Found this in MSN's money and investing section of their news site. The article dosn't really 'hit' on anything except a quick look at why gun sales, and stock earnerings, are on the rise. The major discussion points:

    1. The Obama effect: fears of his 'cracking down' are spuring sales.
    2. The U.S. has the most guns per resident in the world -- by far. In fact, the handgun-ownership rate here is 70% higher than Yemen, the country that comes in second (I'd expected Israel to be second....intresting) , Time magazine reports. (a gun-control article all it's own)
    3. Violent crime, wether or not a firearm is used, has been on a steady decline since 2005.
    4. Preppers, 'doomsdayers', and the zombie apocalypse are pushing sales up.
    5. As long as roughly half of Americans want to restrict gun sales and the other half wants to buy before they do, it's a safe bet American gun sales will keep going strong. Pew Reasearch poll taken following the July 20th shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

    What's ya'll take on this? I personally see nothing 'new' here..... at least nothing we haven't concluded here already, but it IS intresting that investers are taking notice and this IS a positive comming from a very liberal rag such as MSN.

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    Sounds like a pretty realistic summary of what is driving purcahses to me. Also, more people seem to wake up and buy every time there is a highly publicised shooting... as evidenced by the Pew poll that was triggered by the Aurora shooting.
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    Seems a fair assessment of the ebb and flow of our area of interest.

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    I was at the gunshop/range, the day after the theater shooting. I think the shooting was a fri night (early sat morning) and there was a line to get in the place, most were buying and some were just target practicing. I've been seeing a lot of first time gun owners lately also. I think its a good thing. The media wants everyone to think its terrible for anyone to carry a firearm. And the

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    Here's a related article that includes some interesting statistics:

    What The Left Won't Tell You About The Boom In U.S. Gun Sales - Forbes


    As gun sales surged in early 2009 the going joke among employees of gun manufacturers was that President Barack Obama was the “greatest gun salesman of all time.” The trouble with this backhanded compliment, however, is left-leaning news outlets have since used it to avoid something that really scares them...

    So why did overall gun sales begin going up well before President Obama was elected? The answer is in the way Americans view guns. In 1959 some 60 percent of the American public favored handgun bans, according to Gallup, whereas today 73 percent oppose such bans and only 26 percent want bans on handguns.

    Other Gallup polls are even more interesting. The number of women gun owners in America has gone up from 13 percent in 2005 to 23 percent today. Also, the number of Democratic households with firearms in their homes skyrocketed from 30 percent in 2009 to 40 percent today.

    What has been happening is that the NRA, the NSSF and other gun-rights groups have been busy fighting for Second Amendment rights, advocating for participation in the shooting sports, instructing people how to shoot and store firearms safely, working with police officers and the military and doing a myriad of other things. The NRA has also been lobbying, defending the Second Amendment in courtrooms all over the country and growing its membership. As a result, they’ve attracted more Americans to the shooting sports, made the shooting sports safer and helped more people learn to shoot and to defend themselves.

    You can see this reflected in the number of concealed-carry permits. From the mid-1980s to today America has become a mostly “shall-issue” nation with regards to concealed-carry permits. (Shall-issue laws typically prevent local governments from arbitrarily refusing to give permits.) Today 41 states have right-to-carry laws and 38 states have “shall-issue” laws. In fact, a total of 49 states have laws that, to varying degrees, solidify citizens’ right to carry certain concealed firearms in public, either without a permit or after obtaining a permit. Only Illinois is without such a provision...

    Rest of article can be read at the link above.
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