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Thread: tec-9

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    how do you guys feel about this gun??? and is really banned?

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    The TEC-9 and it's later brother the KG-99 are simply designed, large mag capacity, assault pistols?.

    I owned one of the original open bolt TEC-9's and a later KG-99. They were fun to shoot and a crowd pleaser, had decent accuracy (the KG-99) for what they were. Just like the MAC-10 type pistols there was not really a use for them except if you liked to shoot them and wanted something that looked like a submachinegun but wasn't. It all depends on your intended purpose for it.

    I am not aware that they are banned anywhere. The open bolt versions command a premium price simply due to them being easier to convert legally to select fire.
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    banned?? myabe in some states . It is a semi-auto pistol. I don't see any need for one but everyone has there wants. Iits nearly as usefull as a full sized semi-auto pistol.

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    I had a KG-99. I got talked into it by a cop who said it would make a pretty good home defense gun. I thought it was very difficult to be very accurate with it due to the poor sights and poor ergonomics. I hated it. I traded it and motorcycle for my Colt AR-15. I know I got the better end of the trade.

    I would much rather have a Glock-17 or Glock-19 with a 33 round extended mag than a Tec-9 or KG-99 any day.
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    I'm sure the kG-99 would be fun in Full Auto. I have Full Auto Mac 10 and at 1200 rpm it a blast to shoot. Yea it's a wast of ammo but people love shooting it.

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    There's nothing to hate about a Tec-9 as long as it's functioning correctly.
    And usually when it isn't, the problem is an easy fix...
    Seriously, just look at it, it's SWEET!!!
    If anyone needs parts for their Intratec or later Interdynamic firearms, here's a video for you:

    Happy Shooting!

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