How are rim fire bullets made?

How are rim fire bullets made?

This is a discussion on How are rim fire bullets made? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Since the primer is in the hollowed edge of the bullet, how do bullet makers get the primer in the rim?...

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Thread: How are rim fire bullets made?

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    Question How are rim fire bullets made?

    Since the primer is in the hollowed edge of the bullet, how do bullet makers get the primer in the rim?
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    Very carefully, with a tiny little spatula.

    In other words, I have no idea.
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    This might help: Module 05 :: Rimfire
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    I have a box of Remington .22 shorts, probably from the 30s. In spite of the box stating "These cartriges are positively non-corrosive", it appears as though the primer material has swelled splitting all the case head rims. I won't be selling this online, as I don't want to ship it, and won't be firing it either.

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    Here is a good explanation. You learn something everyday...

    The Impossible .22 Rimfire
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    Quote Originally Posted by kapnketel View Post
    Here is a good explanation. You learn something everyday...

    The Impossible .22 Rimfire
    That is a very interesting read. It didn't take long for me to wonder why in the world rimfire cartridges have survived to this day as cheapest and most plentiful ammo. Wouldn't centerfire be easier to manufacture and more reliable to shoot?

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    Interesting read. I rarely have a misfire with the CCI Mini-Mags I use, and those usually go off on a second strike. As for inherent inaccuracy? I'd have to disagree on that. Until I left WA state a few years back, I used my vintage Win Model 72 I got when I was 12 (60 now) to pop ground squirrels regularly at 75-100 yards. Beyond that it was like lobbing mortor rounds. To keep it sporting, I resorted to using .22 shorts and a lot of elevation! But they got the job done pretty dang consistantly.
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    Well now I know why at todays bulk priced 22 ammo I can almost reload centerfire ammo just as cheap,and when it comes to the premium 22 ammo can reload 9,40,45,and 380 cheaper
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    What's not to love about the .22 rimfire. I remember emptying boxes and stuffing my pockets full of rounds only to disappear all day long when I was a kid. Nothing but open sights setting on top of an old JC Higgins semi-auto that was messed up enough to be a single shot at best. The squirrels that I didn't hit in and around a 200 yard radius sure did get the crap scared out of them. Who's with me?
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