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Horrible customer relations

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Thread: Horrible customer relations

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    Money talks...spend it somewhere else!
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    Re: Horrible customer relations

    Quote Originally Posted by Dandyone View Post
    Sounds to me like two people over reacting. If I place myself in either of your shoes, there would be nothing to write about. Drop the drama.

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    Have to say I agree.

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    You were treated very rudely and have a right to be upset. Since you don't think talking to the owner will help much then I'd write a very polite letter about how disappointed you are with your experience in their shop and that you'll be taking your business elsewhere. The important thing is that the letter be well written and polite. No snarky remarks. They will take your letter seriously that way.

    It won't change what's happened but at least you may feel better having gotten it off your chest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccw9mm View Post
    While I don't require "service" staff to be servile in any manner, I do expect them to remember at all times they're there to provide service and assistance ... not to berate, belittle, condemn, lambast or otherwise make it difficult for a customer to remember why there was any need to come in through the doors.

    Seems like little Johnnie's got a lot of evaluating to do, if he's going to survive in retail.
    I'll bet "little Johnny's" over all customer appreciation will improve greatly when some big box competition moves into the vicinity. I've seen it happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scramble4a5 View Post
    "The customer is always right." I really grit my teeth on that phrase with my own customers sometimes but it is true.
    Actually I thought it was "The customer is seldom right, but humor them anyway". I used to work retail sales. Don't miss it at all. 99% of the customers are alright, but that 1% can sure screw up a day for you.
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    Horrible customer relations

    tell the manager and then tell everyone you know how you were treated there if he doesn't address it adequately. word of mouth is very effective in the shooting community.

    Shooter's Supply in Louisville KY is finding that out the hard way. They have a hard earned reputation for being rude, condescending, and outrageously overpriced. generally a giant sucking hole of suckness. that's fine. vote with your feet and tell your friends.

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    Buy whatever you were planning on buying from a competitor, make a copy of the receipt(s) and send them in a letter explaining why you took the $ you would have spent there, elsewhere. {Censor out any data like your card # or adress, obviously.}
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    Way back 20 plus years ago I worked about 4 years in a gun store. I never objected with the customer- well maybe on the .270 versus 7 mag debate! Several of my customers are still good friends. Your experience makes me want to puke when an gunstore employee acts like that. Too many are on a power trip. I can and so frequently DO take my money elsewhere.

    Most recently I was in Cabelas outside of Portland, Maine looking at a cool P229 DAK SAS blue frame/stainless finish slide. The first thing the salesman did was start berating a DAO gun. I didn't buy it that day but did eventually only because I have never seen another like it.

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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    in a very calm, low and 'command voice' = "Look young man/young lady, if I am spending my money here, you still have a job... do you want me to spend my money here?"

    Something like that, in a calm way, often results in excellent instant customer service. If not, I immediately ask for the Manager and, calmly, explain the profit/sales they just lost.

    At the end of the day, we all decide where we spend our money. Often, we will spend a small % more (as opposed to the best deal online or elsewhere) because of a very positive customer experience. Explain that to the Manager also.

    My opinion.
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    LGSs are the biggest place I see shooters ...Well shooting themselves in their own feet! I make it a point to tour all the gun stores in what ever town I find myself in, and a large percent are really rude! DR

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    Quote Originally Posted by MP.carrying.MP View Post
    A few days ago i went into a local GS and was pricing some rifle ammo. I was taking a few pics of the price tags for reference to shop around. A store worker asked me not to take pictures in the store. I told him why i was doing it but still stopped because iunderstand where he was coming from. So today i went back to purchase some pmags and was adding the price of them with my calculator and doing tax and such. The same worker comes up next to me and firmly says "What DID i tell you the other day!" i took a step back and said "im adding" he they started to say he was sorry. Well i was really ticked off and said guess i'll just order them online and proceeded to walk out. As im walking away he continues to say "guess you better". Really though this made me mad enough to make this post to help vent...he talked and treated me like a 8 year old. Jist because i'm young doesn't give you the right to disrespect me. Lost my business for life. Was just trying to help local economy. The kind of people working retail these days...if you don't treat people with respect, the get out of retail. Sorry just a little angry...
    Name the store!!!!

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    I take pictures of guns in local shops all the time...never had anyone have issue with it. If it helps me decide ona purchase, I guess they're cool with it. Of course, there's a ton of competition where I live now.

    For me, too many people jockying for limited dollars out there to spend my money with jerks. Call me old fashioned, but I'm willing to pay a little more to be treated right. I would have just simply said, "I'll gladly spend my money elsewhere" and left. When I'm treated right, I tell all my buddies. When I'm treated like crap, I tell all my buddies, their buddies, and their buddies buddies.
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    I've been in sales my entire adult life. Mostly outside sales calling on various industries; however, half of that time was whole selling to hardware stores. When the giant home improvement stores started opening up, the stores that treated their customers with respect and were thankful for their business survived--albeit with less business--the stores like the one mentioned above didn't.

    The phrase "the customer is always right" has become very cliche. In a lot of instances customers are very wrong. The key is to find a course of action that both parties can accept.

    If I were in the shoes of the salesman, I would have said something like, "hey, good to see you back! Are you verifying those are the same items you took the pictures of?" That way the OP probably wouldn't have been offended and could have said he was adding them up to figure out the total with tax. No confrontation and I could have accepted his business.

    If I was in the OP's shoes, I probably would have reacted pretty close to the same way.

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    I live in what used to be a small town that my family pretty much helped build from the ground up. When my grandfather moved here there was only a set of train tracks and one general store so I try my hardest to "shop local" even if it costs me a few bucks more. We have a LGS here that I would like to do business with, but every time I stop in there, I get the same "8 year old" treatment. It's always from the same guy too. I've heard complaints about him from others as well. It's the worst customer service experience I've ever had and I have had two conversations with the owner about it. He understands my frustrations, but apparently this guy is his friend. I'm used to getting a little bit of....... attitude (for lack of a better word) from people in the gun industry and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I'm young, but once people start talking to me that attitude usually disappears. Instead of using the LGS I mentioned I go to my local Sportsman's Warehouse and I swear it's like Cheers when I walk in there. Everbody knows my name. I get great service and I'll continue to go there for that reason.

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    I would mail them a receipt from your online shopping experience just to illustrate the amount of revenue and profit the shop is losing out on by having poor customer service. Do it every single time you buy elsewhere.
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