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Horrible customer relations

This is a discussion on Horrible customer relations within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by zonker1986 one of my local gun stores treated their customers that way, too. They are no longer in business.....thank the Lord. Guy ...

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Thread: Horrible customer relations

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    Quote Originally Posted by zonker1986 View Post
    one of my local gun stores treated their customers that way, too. They are no longer in business.....thank the Lord. Guy that bought it understands customer service and...I can't
    go in there too often, as he never lets me leave without making me a deal I can't refuse
    @bold: I have the same problem as well. It's closest one to me, about 5 miles or so away, so I go in quite often. The owners wife even throws in some of her apple pie with my purchases. I always go there before anywhere else. If he doesn't have what I'm looking for, he can order it for me at prices that are quite hard to beat.

    To get back on topic a little bit: I agree with the poster who said something along the lines of both of you overreacting. I've received the "8 year old treatment" before and told the guy he was an a-hole and me and my business would go elsewhere. Losing my business (and word of mouth) sure hurt him way more than it did me since he was the owner. Problem solved.
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    I hate it when the guys act like you are getting in they way just because you ask a few questions. The place I go has the best guys around. The owner helped me purchase my first gun, let me handle over 10 different ones and explained a lot to me, and the best thing is that everytime I go into the store they call me by name and never act like I'm a child ( I'm only 21 ) now everytime I buy anything for my gun (range bag cleaning supplies or ammo ) I go to that store even though the ammo is about 2 bucks more per 50 round box it's worth it. If I were in your shoes I would never spend another dollar at that store

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    It seems like more and more retail stores are forgetting who and what a "customer" is. Kinda sad really

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANGLICO View Post
    in a very calm, low and 'command voice' = "Look young man/young lady, if I am spending my money here, you still have a job... do you want me to spend my money here?"
    Excellent tactic for dealing with this. I am going to try to remember this.

    Quote Originally Posted by MonRiver View Post
    If I were in the shoes of the salesman, I would have said something like, "hey, good to see you back! Are you verifying those are the same items you took the pictures of?"
    And on the business owners side, they could have learned something about their competition and their relative standing. Obviously if you returned, there is a reason for it, whether it is price, service, atmosphere, or anything else.

    About a year ago, I had a really poor customer service experience in a LGS and have never been back. Since then, my wife and I have bought multiple guns from a different store. (I provided a link to the rather long thread that resulted after I posted my experience on a regional forum. I was able to locate the thread via Google. Just saying.)

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    People are what they are. I'm sure everyone here can tell you about someone that should not be in a customer contact position. I can name many. If you let this get under your skin then he wins. Just smile, give him the stupid salute and move on.

    Money does not walk into a place of business by itself. So just don't walk your money into that business anymore and spread the word to everyone you know.
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    Well i emailed the store customer service later in the night after i posted this, still no return email so i guess making a customer happy isnt their priority.

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