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    Gun in emergency room causes stir in Greensburg
    Saturday, October 07, 2006

    By Jim McKinnon, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    A Greensburg woman caused a stir yesterday morning, asking workers to disarm her after she walked into a hospital emergency room with a gun.

    The 31-year-old woman was disarmed by a nurse, taken into custody by police, and admitted to Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital for psychiatric evaluation, Greensburg police Capt. George R. Seranko said.

    The woman had been treated Thursday night at Excela Health Westmoreland Hospital for an undisclosed reason. She returned yesterday morning requesting to see the same nurse who had treated her the previous night, Capt. Seranko said.

    She was delusional and began rambling about her fear of the government, the murder of Amish children in Lancaster County, and Armageddon, among other things, police said.

    At one point the woman raised her hands, pointed at her purse, and said, "You better take this before I do something with it. It's in there."

    The weapon contained an ammunition clip with no bullets. It was turned over to police, who will conduct ballistics tests.

    Police also will seek to determine ownership of the gun, Capt. Seranko said.

    Greensburg police responded to the call with every officer on duty, a supervisor and three patrolmen.

    "Until you get there you don't know what you really have," Capt. Seranko said. "By the time we got there, the gun was all secured."

    He said no one at the hospital was threatened by the woman.

    Dorothy Hufford, spokeswoman for Excela Health, which operates three hospitals in Westmoreland County, said she believed the woman had a permit for the gun.

    "There was never a time when anyone was in any danger. This was not that kind of situation," Ms. Hufford said. "She was not comfortable with it in her possession. This is a situation where a person did the right thing."

    Though the emergency room was at what Ms. Hufford called a normal level of activity, the woman's antics went largely unnoticed.

    Police had not located the woman's family yesterday, Capt. Seranko said.

    Charges may be filed at a later date, he said.


    (Jim McKinnon can be reached at or 412-263-1939. )
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    Don't be surprised if this turns out to be be prescription drug related.

    If she had been seen previously, she may have gotten a prescriptiuon that she reacted badly to. I have seen this in several people including my father-in-law, he had been given a prescription for an ailment & he became suicidle. It was an adverse reaction to the medication.
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    On reactions to persription drugs I have one very close to home. A little over a year ago they decided my BP was finally too high and required meds. Yhe first try did nothing. The second one put me in a 24 hour a day blind rage. Scared the fertilizer out of me, my wife and some people at work. A miracle I didn't hurt someone. The doctor didn't believe me at first since that was not a listed possible side effect. At least I had the presense of mind to stay unarmed, not even a pocket knife, for the three days it took to get over it. I don't ever need to feel like that again!
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    Not entirely unheard of.

    I worked with an ER nurse a number of years ago who had the following happen to him...

    He was working triage (checking in new patients). A lady sat down in the chair and stated that she needed help. When he asked what for, she said she felt like hurting herself. He started asking some normal questions in this circumstance, including "do you have a plan for this?"

    Her answer was "Yes. You better take this" and handed him a loaded .38. Fortunately, he's a gun guy - unloaded and secured weapon, got the lady to the back and started her care in the ER, police called, etc. Turned into no big deal. Certainly could have been much more "exciting."

    In my 9+ years working in ER's, I've cared for many people who are suicidal. I say that only to offer this - while the ER is not definitive care for mental health, it is a great entry point into the MH system. I have heard accounts of people who say they don't know where to go to get help when they are having suicidal feelings, but haven't done anything yet (ie. taken pills, cut themselves). If you or anyone you know needs help, go to the ER. They will keep you safe and start the process to keep you that way.


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    My brother-in-law's father went through a bout of medically induced schizophrenia. A new blood pressure and heart med combination caused him to be afraid of everything and everyone. There were only a few people that he would let around him. Fortunately his drugs were diagnosed and reassigned by his doctor in a matter of a few days.

    One of his bouts set him off to the point where he baracaded himself in his house thinking that the police were after him and his family.

    Pretty scary situation.

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    Having suffered with clinical depression I am very aware of the symptoms and move to relieve them as soon as they appear. Several years ago I had the early symptoms of a bad case of the flu and went to the doctor.

    He prescribed several medicines and gave me an injection. This was about 3PM. By 6PM I had already informed my wife that I was beyond symptoms of depression and was actually in a depressed state. We both watched my actions for the next 48-60 hours and although the depression was real it never progressed to a level where the contemplation of suicide took place. One reason was that I had only take one dose of the medicine prescribed. When I realized that my mental conditions was sliding toward depression I read the full info on the medicines and one contained a warning that mood swings was a fairly common side effect. To say that I did not have a pleasant weekend would be an understatement.

    Since that time I am more careful about what I allow a doctor to give me. If mood swings is a side effect listed for a medicine I will not take it. In fact for any medicine that I have not taken previously I insist the doctor read me the whole list of possible side effects before he writes a prescription.

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    You're Right - Strange Story

    Most of the time I don't what is swimming around up in folks doggone heads.

    I'll be the first to admit it. People are quite strange in general.

    I'm just glad everything worked out OK & nobody was hurt.

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    Everyone lived and the lady is getting treatment. Not a bad outcome.
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    I recently got a prescription to lower my cholesterol. The listed side effects I got was drowsiness. The ones not listed anywhere that manifested themselves were joint pain and nightmares (every night). I stopped taking them and all the symptoms went away. When I called the doctor, he did not believe me, because those side effects were not listed for that drug! I'm looking for a new doctor.

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